Perception creates a video to showcase Maxon One's powerful toolset -

Perception creates a video to showcase Maxon One’s powerful toolset

Maxon recently partnered with an Emmy-nominated visual effects and design lab, Perception, to create a promotional piece for Maxon One that showcases the product line’s entire workflow and full capabilities. Perception’s ability to create futuristic UI that Marvel heroes rely on, as well as real-life tech for automotive, aerospace, cybersecurity and other clients around the world, made them the perfect candidate to realise that vision.

“We’ve been collaborating with Perception for over a decade. They have presented at events many times, created promotional material and even entire tutorial series for Cineversity. We really value how Perception brings innovative thinking to everything they do,” said Maxon chief marketing officer Paul Babb. 

Designed to highlight all of Maxon One’s various tools, the video starts in darkness as an alien’s head is sculpted in ZBrush. Glowing interfaces reflect the alien’s development as Cinema 4D, Red Giant and Redshift are used to turn the alien into a sentient being in a futuristic helmet and HUD.

Perception creative director Greg Herman, who led the project with perception art director Ryan Close, said, “In addition to showing all of Maxon One’s features, we wanted the video to emphasise the way artists can use the tools to literally bring their creative visions to life.” 

Perception is a visual effects and design lab that focuses on crafting futuristic user interfaces, motion graphics and technological paradigms for both film and real-world automotive, cybersecurity, aerospace and technology companies.