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The gaming industry has been a savior to many as the world went into a total lockdown in 2020. Right from kids to adults to students and professionals; it has been one of the best ways to communicate with the outer world and get entertained while staying at home. Since 2020, the gaming industry has grown exponentially. With a rising number of players and esports tournaments, it has led to an increase in consumption of gaming content and the overall industry numbers and revenue are touching the sky. Not only has the technological landscape changed, but it is also headed for the Web3 metamorphosis, of which the metaverse and NFTs will be key components. Today, everyone from esports competitors to organisations either published their NFTs or announced plans to do so. Going forward, it might also be feasible to conduct popular gamers’ NFT transactions to host tournaments or scrims could be possible on Metaverse.

Acknowledging that, Animation Xpress is launching The GEM Awards, to honor excellence throughout the gaming, esports and metaverse industry to celebrate the talents that influence and advance the medium and culture of gaming and technology. In addition to games and esports, The GEM Awards will also recognise the individuals and organisations that changed digital culture and had a positive social impact through the invention of ground-breaking Web3 applications, NFTs, and metaverses.


GEM Women Awards

GEM Women awards in the realms of meta, esports, gaming, and NFTs in India are recognition platforms that honor and celebrate the achievements of women who have made significant contributions to these dynamic and evolving industries. These awards acknowledge the expertise, innovation, leadership, and talent demonstrated by women across various sectors within the broader landscape of meta (metaverse), esports, gaming, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Here's a brief description of each:

Meta Awards for Women

Esports Women Awards

Gaming Women Awards

NFT Women Awards

These awards not only shine a spotlight on individual accomplishments but also contribute to breaking gender barriers within these industries. By showcasing the diverse talents of women in meta, esports, gaming, and NFTs, these awards play a crucial role in fostering an inclusive and empowered community, inspiring the next generation of female talent in these exciting fields.


Best Casual Game

Best Hyper Casual Game

Best Midcore Game

Best Hardcore Game

Best PC Game

Best Console Game

Best Mobile Game


Best Gaming Promo

Best Game Direction

Best Game Producer

Best Art Direction

Best Score/Music


Best streaming platform

Young gaming Professional of the year

Best Game Streamer (fan base)

Best Student Develop Game

Best Gaming Institute

Best Student Game Art

Upcoming Game of the Year (Indie)

Best Indie Studio of the Year

Game Studio of the Year

Best Brand Game Collaboration

Best Use of Gamification by Brand in a Campaign

Best Innovative Gamification Awards


Best Esports Brand Collaboration

Best Esports Player: male

Best Esports Player: female

Best Esports Team: Valorant

Best Esports Team: BGMI

Best Esports Team: CODM

Best Esports Organizer

Best Esports Tournament

Best Esports Coach

Best Esports Shoutcaster: english

Best Esports Shoutcaster: hindi

Best Esports Production

Best Esports Promo/ Commercial

Best Esports Moment of the Year


Best Debut in Metaverse

Best Metaverse Project

Best NFT Design

Best Innovative NFT Project

Best Blockchain-based Game

Best Web 3 startup

Best Web3 Brand Collaboration


Gaming monitor

Gaming GPU

Gaming storage

Gaming Mouse

Gaming keyboard

Gaming Headphones

Gaming Console

Gaming Phone

Entry Guidelines

Key Dates to Remember

Eligibility Criteria

Any games which has been released, and made publicly available to consumers, between 1st Jan 2023 to 31st Dec 2023, is eligible for nomination under PC/Console Game of the Year, Mobile game of the Year, AR/VR Game of the Year, Indie Game of the Year and Student Game of the Year categories. Upgrades, expansions and mission packs are not eligible.

For the Upcoming Game of the Year category, only games that are scheduled to be released by Sept 2024 are recommended for submissions.

The game submitted should:

Any Tournament which has been organized, and played, between 1st Jan 2023 to 31st Dec 2023, is eligible for nomination under Esports categories

Rules and Terms for the Award

All game submissions will be reviewed for content and compliance with these Official Rules before being judged. Entries found to be in contravention of the Official Rules or otherwise deemed by the contest organizers, at their sole discretion, to be inappropriate will be disqualified. The organizers reserve the right to make the final determination as to what games are eligible to take part in this Contest.


Recognition and Prizes

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