VFX Uncensored episodes of anime classic 'Sailor Moon' now on Hulu Plus -

Uncensored episodes of anime classic ‘Sailor Moon’ now on Hulu Plus

One of the most memorable Japanese anime series of the 90s – Sailor Moon – recently started airing on Hulu Plus beginning Monday.

The series about teen girls, who use their superpowers to save the world from evil, began airing uncensored episodes and the users of the service can choose from the library of over 200 plus episodes.

Hulu will be making an entirely new Sailor Moon series starting this fall as it looks to bolster its anime offerings.

When the series first ran in US, several changes were famously made to remove the program’s gay and lesbian characters and other content Cartoon Network deemed questionable for US viewers. Characters who were women in the Japanese version were depicted as men, and entire seasons didn’t air because of its ‘questionable’ content. But the series being run on Hulu will contain all those characters.

Viz Media is making four re-mastered, subtitled episodes available, with two episodes released each Monday starting 26 May. A DVD/Blu-ray box set will be available in late 2014, around the time the new series is set to launch.