Spain being the spotlight country, 'Animation from Spain' shines at this year's Cartoon Forum -

Spain being the spotlight country, ‘Animation from Spain’ shines at this year’s Cartoon Forum

A large group of production companies under the brand Animation from Spain will attend Cartoon Forum 2022, Europe’s largest co-production forum for animated series to be held from 19-22 September at the Pierre Baudis Congress Centre in Toulouse. With the support of ICEX and with the collaboration of DIBOOS (Spanish Federation of Animation and Visual Effects Producers Associations), Spanish animation will be the main protagonist throughout the event, as this year Cartoon Forum dedicates its usual spotlight to Spain with numerous networking activities and visibility actions to promote Spanish companies and projects among the attendees. 

ICEX CEO María Peña will be in charge of welcoming them on behalf of Spain during the opening ceremony of the forum.

The Spotlight on Spain includes a special chapter in the official eCatalogue of the forum, which includes key data on the Spanish sector; the services offered by the Spain Audiovisual Bureau, a recently launched information tool; a review of the tax incentives offered by the country and some of its regions for foreign production companies; the contribution of RTVE and its kidscaster clan as a catalyst for local productions; and the promotion and access to the Who is Who.

Animation from Spain 2022 guide, which compiles the production, distribution and technology services companies related to animation and VFX.

Two Spanish companies have been nominated for this year’s Cartoon Tributes. The winners will be announced on 22 September:

  • GoldBee in the category of best investor/distributor, and
  • Peekaboo Animation as producer of the year. 

The traditional project pitching sessions will see a total of eight production companies and talents presenting their proposals in search of financing and co-production. The Spanish projects are:

  • Best Friends Forever…Stranded! (40 x 11’) by Peekaboo Animation
  • Polka Dot Zebra (52 x 5 ́)by Sygnatia – coproduced by Bro Cinema (Portugal)
  • Zoey Oceans (26 x 13′) by Studio Kimchi
  • Firsts (13 x 11′) by TV On Producciones – coproduced by Tippo Creative Lab (Chile)
  • Bertie’s Brainwaves (52 x 11′) by In Efecto Atlantis – coproduced by Flickerpix (UK)
  • The Little Orchestra (26 x 11’) by Mago Production – coproduced by Apus Animación y Contenido (Peru) & Chucho TV (Uruguay)
  • My Brother is a T-ReZ (52 x 7’) by Mr. Klau Studio – coproduced by Lusco Fusco Animation (Portugal)
  • Mervyn’s Album (52 x 13’) by Kick the Door Productions – coproduced by BigB (Germany)

In addition to the above, nine other Spanish production companies will showcase their latest projects in the promotional videos shared during the famous Croissant Shows and Coffee Shows:

  • The Book of Dreams (52 x 7’) by 3 Doubles Producciones
  • Annunaki Files (9 x 30’) by Barrios Producciones
  • Magic Lilly (26 x 22’) by DeAPlaneta Kids & Family
  • Melbits (26 x 11’) by Hampa Studio
  • The Wawies (26 x 7’) by Imagic Telecom
  • Yanco, Dina and the Dinosaurs (52 x 7’) by Koyi Talent
  • Taste Buddies (52 x 7’) by Pikkukala Barcelona
  • Jasmine & Jambo (52 x 7’) by Teidees Audiovisuals
  • Counting Sheep (52 x 7’) by Verjim Animation Studio

In its commitment to continue promoting Spanish talent internationally, Animation from Spain will distribute the first issue of a limited collection of flipbooks, dedicated to the director Alberto Mielgo, winner of two Emmy and an Oscar awards this year. Through its Animation from Spain brand, ICEX will continue to strengthen its collaboration with the organizer Cartoon by supporting the next edition of Cartoon Springboard, the training seminar and pitching event for young talents in animation to be held from 25-27 October in Madrid.