VFX Zapak.com introduces India's first video based game Panja Fight -

Zapak.com introduces India’s first video based game Panja Fight

Zapak.com, a Reliance ADA venture and India’s leading online gaming portal has recently launched India’s first “Interactive Video” based game titled Panja Fight.

Panja Fight is a traditional arm wrestling game with an online twist where players play fist fight against an interactive video by tapping the space bar on their keyboard as fast as possible giving them the feeling of using strength to beat an opponent.

The game has three levels, easy, moderate and hard level and is a flash-based game that integrates video frames. Zapak has featured its employees in different levels of the game with a lady in hard level.

Sharing about the idea on choosing a lady for the tougher level, Rohit Sharma, COO of Zapak.com shared, “Arm Wrestling is generally associated with men. We wanted to tackle the male ego wherein he loses to a lady in the toughest level and is inspired to play again. At Zapak.com , we have been experimenting with variety of gaming formats to provide a more comprehensive experience to the customer and to understand what appeals best to them”

The games were conceptualized and designed at Zapak and were developed well within close to two months by a team of developers.

Sharma continued that “Panja fight was an experiment and the biggest challenge was to figure out a way to make it happen. The second biggest challenge was to keep the game file size low as we were using videos. However, we not only managed a way to make the game but also think of a workaround for the larger than usual file size”

Zapak has planned to release the next game based on same technology in April this year. ” Panja Fight is India’s first interactive video-based game and the next game is expected to release in April. “Since the day of its launch, this game has given us over 50,000 game plays and it is sure to increase in the days to come.” concluded Sharma.