VFX China and Korea may be successful in online gaming but India is a different market- Reports -

China and Korea may be successful in online gaming but India is a different market- Reports

The Internet & Mobile Association of India has published a detailed report that focuses on the Indian online gaming space. The research team at e technology Group@IMRB has conducted desk research for the report.

The report pips the size of online gaming in India at Rs. 210 Million.

In an interesting comment that talks about the monetization strategy of the Indian Gaming Portals, the report states, “Most Indian gaming portals are evaluating various alternative strategies for long term monetization. Currently most are on a free model and are looking at advertising revenues to sustain the first phase of growth; there are plans to introduce monthly subscriptions or subscriptions to higher levels as users become more comfortable. Most portals acknowledge that advance advertising options such as in-game placements will take some time to enter the lexicon of mainstream advertisers, most of who are just beginning to experiment with online advertising”

Cautioning Indian stake holders that are assuming India would replicate the success of online gaming in markets like China & Korea, the report states that there are several key issues which need to be resolved for India to reach a similar stage. “This would mean a correction in the enabling infrastructure, addressing key perceptual issues such as a prevalent anti-gaming mindset amongst parents & tackling low quality domestic game development in India. Equally important would be the development of content to suit Indian tastes, as most content available today is a rehash of successful international game”

On the consumer facing side the three key tasks for the online gaming portals would be to induce trials, ensure consumer retention and lead to successful monetization.

Therefore, at this early stage of market development, the Indian stakeholders would do well to cooperate and work together for developing the market. As one passionate Chief Executive put it, “We are fighting for a brick when there is an entire skyscraper to be had”