VFX MegaFans partners with Launchpool Labs -

MegaFans partners with Launchpool Labs

MegaFans has partnered with Launchpool Labs (LPL) and joined their first incubator program which kicked off on1 September 2021. The Launchpool Labs incubator is a 90-day intensive development program focused on building communities and value around startups in the blockchain sector. 

MegaFans founder and CEO Jeff Donnelley says, “LPL’s incubator has the resources we need to help structure and build the world’s first mobile esports community of gamers and collectors using blockchain technology within the metaverse.”

MegaFans offers a dynamic software system that enables mobile games to enrich the player’s experience with massive multiplayer, online mobile tournaments for cryptocurrency and NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) in a play-to-earn environment.  

Donnelley has been building and growing eGaming companies from San Diego for 22 years. He created two advertising and media companies around the industry, and he has consulted for and partnered with household technology brands such as DraftKings, Ubisoft, Jam City and World of Tanks. Jeff went on to say, “LPLs team has the depth and experience that will help us level-up to the next stage for MegaFans.” 

Launchpool Labs MD Roxana Nasoi explains, “Launchpool Labs is 100 per cent community centric, and one of the reasons why we resonate with Jeff and Megafans, seeing their dedication to the mobile gaming community. We believe that combining our experience, network, communities, and contacts will help Megafans become a true leader in the mobile e-sports gaming industry, leading up mobile Play-to-Earn, NFTs, and in-game economy.” 

MegaFans (Mobile esports Gaming Fanatics) is building the world’s first global, mobile esports community where 2.8 billion daily active users can play-to-earn, win and collect real-world prizes such as cryptocurrency, NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), gifts and cash. MegaFans offers turnkey software solutions for mobile games to increase monetisation and retention with an enriched gamified esports metaverse. MegaFans mantra is, “esports for All!” and searches for every opportunity to offer equitable diversity to underserved people and markets around the world.