VFX Pixelloid does 10 mins VFX, CG for Oka V Chitram -

Pixelloid does 10 mins VFX, CG for Oka V Chitram

Founded in June 2005, Hyderabad based Pixelloid is stepping up the gas pedal on its VFX and CG work. Following its much acclaimed work for Thums Up Telugu TVC featuring Chiranjeevi, the studio recently completed work on the Telugu feature film Oka V Chitram.

Directed by Teja and produced by Dasari Narayana Rao, Oka V Chitram which stars Pradeep and Madhushalini boasts of ten minutes of VFX which took 3 months to be completed.

One of the highlights of the FX work is the song Amigo, which has complete CG backgrounds and has a semi-surreal feel to it. In the song, which is inspired by the opening sequence of Sin City, a live action diva dances atop a skyscraper with the camera moving around her dynamically.

The initial look of the sequence was to follow the color scheme of Sin city, where the city is in black & white and the girl is in red, but later on the director decided that it would be better with more colors as it was a dream sequence. All the different passes and the girl were color corrected to blend in with the night environment of the CG city.

Pixelloid Founder and Visual Effects Supervisor, Yugandhar Tammareddy shared with Animation ‘xpress, “Usually, the live camera movements are very limited in the real world. We wanted the camera to move more dynamically, which wasn’t possible with the live camera motion. We extended the camera motion through 3D which lived up to the director’s expectations.”

“The tough part of the project was match-moving the 3D camera to the live camera. We initially started tracking with automated tracking software but the results were not very satisfactory. We then shifted to Maya Live and had to do extensive manual tracking” added Nayeem Ahktar, Operations Director, Pixelloid.

Pixelloid 3D Technical lead Ajay remarked, “The live action shots were taken in daylight in two different locations and our goal was to get the night look. We had long grading sessions with DP Sandeep Reddy to get the colors right even on film”

Pixelloid founded by Yugandhar Tammareddy was established in June 2005 and has a 20 member strong creative team. It has around 18 projects to its credit which includes films such as Pokiri, Badhra, post production for a German Television series commercials, architecture and outsourced projects among others.

The studio is currently working on a complete CG promo for a Hollywood feature film, and on the regional front they are working on films such as Sainikudu, Orey Srinu, Mahalakshmi (Marathi) and four other untitled films and a few Architectural walkthroughs.

Visual effects and CG are definitely on the rise on the regional front and with movies such as Oka V Chitram which has an entire song with CG backgrounds, it looks like the demand for it is just going to increase.