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6 Indian Properties in MIPTV Asian Animation Screening

This year, MIPTV (4-7 April), one of the biggest global annual content markets for TV held in Cannes, includes the Asian Animation Screenings that are scheduled for Wednesday 6th April, 2011 at Auditorium K, Level 4 at the Palais Des Festivals.

The Asian Animation Screening will feature the most talented and innovative animation content from various Asian countries. Speaking to AnimationXpress.com Pranida Nokham, Conference Assistant – Television Division, Reed Midem shared, “This session is about showcasing six Animation Programs from Japan, China, Malaysia, Korea and India and will give a short analysis of each program made by our experts – Content Asia Managing Director, Janine Stein (for Japan, China, Malaysia & Korea) and AnimationXpress.com Co-Founder, CEO & Managing Editor Anand Gurnani (for India).”

The six Indian Properties to be screened are as follows:

null1. Raju the Rickshaw
Programme name: Raju the Rickshaw
Company: Accel Animation Studios
Producer : S. Muralidharan
Distributor: Cyber Group Studios
Targeted Age: Pre-school
Project Sysnopsis: FUN… TWO… THREE… GO!

Take a ride with Raju the Rickshaw and his friends Tina and Charlie through Funpur town! Funpur is the Indian town where a motley group of trucks and taxis, buses and bikes, boys and girls live and play together and take you on merry journeys full of colour and fun, flavour and characters! So hop on, strap up and don‘t look back….. Raju‘s here to VROOOOOM you away!


null2. Chorr Police
Programme name: Chorr Police (Hindi) / Robinhood Slumdog (English)
Company: Green Gold Animation Pvt. Ltd.
Producer/Distributor: Rajiv Chilaka / Green Gold Animation Pvt. Ltd.
Targeted Age: Pre-school/Teens/ 6-11 years
Project Sysnopsis: The Chase Never Ends


null3. Peter Pan
Programme name: The New Adventures of Peter Pan
Company: DQ Entertainment (International) Ltd.
Producer/Distributor: DQ Entertainment (International) Ltd.
Targeted Age: 6-10 years
Project Synopsis: This property features Peter Pan, his best friend Tinkerbell and new generation Wendy, her brothers John and Michael and their dog Newfie set in Neverland and beyond. Neverland is defined by the wild imaginations and big adventures ruled by the boy who never grew up.

null4. Big Bees
Programme name: Big Bees
Company: Reliance Animation
Producer/Distributor: Ashish S. K. (Producer)
Targetted Age: Pre-school, 5 – 7 years.
Project Synopsis: Big Bees is a series about exploring “wonders of nature” with our insatiable, fun loving, energetic bees as the central characters. Every episode, our group of 5 bees (namely: Dudebee, Mebee, Yobee, Zzbee & Emee) who call themselves as the Bio Rangers will embark on an adventure which will end up as a learning experience for them about some wonder of nature with the aid of their mentors, the two alien bees named Usbee & Betabee. While the antagonist of the show the naughty spider Spybee tries to spoil the plan of the Bio Rangers, they will end up overcoming all obstacles in an entertaining manner. The show (52 x 11 mins.) will have a strong musical aspect about it.

null5. Super K
Programme name: SUPER K
Company: Shemaroo Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Producer / Distributor: Shermaroo Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Target Age: Family
Program Synopsis: Unlike most superheroes who are born, Super K is created. But a goof up causes Super K to turn out to be a freak, unable to control his powers. Badmess, along with the evil Dr. Ozox, is planning to overtake Dreamzone. Super K and his friends must come together to protect Dreamzone but at the same time Super K must learn to control his powers.

null6. Massive Planet
Programme name: Massive planet TV series and feature
Company: Laughing Lion Animation Private Limited
Target age: 4-11 years
Project Synopsis: Aliens invade earth, but they find themselves too little for this massive planet.