VFX VFX,animation add thrill to Bhoot Unkle -

VFX,animation add thrill to Bhoot Unkle

Children’s movies in India aren’t made that often and the latest entrant in this league is Bhoot Unkle. Animation and VFX has given a boost to the movie, making it an exciting and entertaining watch.

Work on the movie started a year and a half ago with shooting schedules being spread across four months and post production of 8 months. Animation and VFX in the movie was completed in eight months by eighteen artists. The primary animation in the movie has been done in 2D and the movie consists of a total of twenty three minutes of animation and VFX. The creators of the movie have not touched upon hi end graphics but have stuck to the very basics owing to budget constraints.

The story revolves around a twelve year old orphan, Shyam and his friends and their encounter with a ghost played by Jackie Shroff who they name as Bhoot Unkle. The movie shows the fight between good and evil and the victory of good over evil.

Produced by Aneesh Dev and Krishnan Choudhary and Art directed by Ajit Dandekar, the movie has everything that a children’s film could ask for right from magic, mystery, villains and a moral to the story at the end of it.

Speaking to Animation xpress.com, Aneesh shared “The inspiration behind making this movie was to create something for the kids entertainment genre of movie making. This is one area where I see a lot of growth potential.”

“The response to the movie has been average. This I presume was because the release timing was not right as at that time in many schools exams were being held. I’m confident that had it been released in summer holidays, it would have been a sure fire hit. But, we haven’t got disheartened by this and will continue to make movies.”