VFX Pixion launches Pixion Trailer House, new division for Trailers -

Pixion launches Pixion Trailer House, new division for Trailers

Pixion Studios, the state of the art post production facility that offers 360 degree creative and technological services has recently launched a separate division under its banner as Pixion Trailer House. This division exclusively designs promotional campaigns for films. Pixion Trailer House is creating a buzz around tinsel town for its remarkable Azaan Trailers running successfully across Theatres and on Television.

Pixion also designed complete campaign such as Theatrical and TV promos, songs for Sahi Dhande Galat Bande, a movie by Parvin Dabbas. In a short span of time Pixion Trailer House started receiving huge response from the industry for its creativity and bagged other projects like Love Break Ups Zindagi and is on its way to garner some more huge Bollywood projects. This division is headed by Yogesh Chhag, Film Sales Head at Pixion and creatively supervised by Shakti Hasija. Pixion Studios is also doing VFX and DI for Aazan and Love Breakups Zindagi.

Talking to AnimationXpress.com Shakti Hasija, Creative Head, Pixion Trailer House shared, “Pixion Studios is a very well renowned name in the post production industry today and most of our movies receive huge acclamation for VFX and DI. Hence, as Pixion progressed the management floated an idea to expand our services and launch a separate division for Trailers under the Pixion banner. Today, Marketing and Promotions play a huge role in order to determine the success of a film. Infact budgets allotted for a films’ marketing and promotion campaign have almost become equal to the budget of a film. Pixion provides a unique facility of VFX, DI, Colour Correction, Graphics, Stylized, Promos, Trailers and Packaging under a roof.”

Pixion Trailer House has also made trailers for Broadway style musical called, The Taj Express which is not a film but a live theatre show. Taj Express- The Musical directed by Shruti Merchant is a modern-day love story with a mix of Bollywood songs and a few others composed by duo Salim-Suleiman.

Pixion Trailer House has a unique approach as they also have an in-house writer who writes screenplay and concept for the promos. Like for Sahi Dhande Galat Bande, they coined a tongue in cheek concept that ‘Iss August, Ek kidnapped banda naachega‘. For Aazaan, they came up with a concept saying ‘One world, one deadly weapon, one billion lives at stake and one hope- Aazaan Khan’. For Love Breakups Zindagi it was ‘Your best friend’s wedding, a time for celebration, Come 4th October, witness, Love breakups Zindagi’.

According to Yogesh Chhag, Sales Head, Pixion Trailer House, “Time taken to complete a trailer is subjective and differs from film to film but approximately it takes around 3-5 days for the first trailer as that is the most crucial Trailer. It conveys the first impression of the film to the audiences.”

Shakti added “Since the film maker has lived with his films for years, they get attached. So we see the film, understand the flavour of the film from the audience perspective and then we come up with the idea for the campaign. It’s not just about one promo but designing how the campaign should flow throughout the 5- 6 week promotional time. We decide what the first promo should look like and what kind of impact it should give. Once the first promo is on television based on its response from audiences we decide how the second promo should reveal.”

“You have to hold the interest of the audience for 4-5 weeks and within that period you have to get them hooked on to the film, the songs and music which is a big thing. In India, songs and music have far better reach than the dialogues and trailers. After watching the film, we plan the entire campaign of the film and discuss it with the directors and producers and their marketing team. The end result should be that by the last week of the campaign, the audience should be excited and curious to watch the film.