VFX CGTrix delivers 740 VFX shots for NTR Junior‘s ‘Oosaravelli‘ -

CGTrix delivers 740 VFX shots for NTR Junior‘s ‘Oosaravelli‘

Hyderabad based CGtrix studio has delivered 740 shots for Telugu feature Oosaravelli. According to the Founders, supervising NTR Junior‘s film was indeed an enchanting experience for their team.

Sharing their experiences Konda Reddy & Ramana said, “There were few critical shots and few complications in the climax scene of the ambulance chase which involved vehicle crash. We almost had built the whole scene in 3D and composited few live shots. The set in the climax episode was also extended to bring in the beauty and richness to the scenes, which was an end moment decision”.

Talking about the complexities & shoot supervision with the Artists & the Director they mentioned that there were few complex issues like time lines and approvals for few shots. The expert team of CGtrix Chandu Vojjala and Asif Bhushan worked out different mechanisms to resolve such issues and in the end complexity turned into a visual treat.

Having done most of the VFX supervision, CGtrix team had clear vision of every shot and were able to create the almost exact picture of director‘s imagination.

CGtrix, based at Hyderabad, India, is a full service visual effects studio & Academy led by Konda Reddy and Ramana. Konda Reddy with 15 years of VFX expertise has provided a strong foundation by picking many capable resources and Ramana with his 15 years of creative expertise in IT & Management is managing, Training and production of CGtrix.

CGtrix has already worked on projects like Prema Kavali, Badrinath, Veedu Theda and Ooosaravelli. It also has a training division which offers multiple courses and diplomas to build VFX resources required for today‘s film industry. The students in CGtrix get production environment to learn.

Throwing light on their current and upcoming projects the team informed, “We are currently working on two more movies and four are in pipeline. This is providing ample opportunity to students to choose their career in VFX and reach new horizons.”