SBLabs release videos of complex simulations and 3D animation to train VFX artists


A wooden heart

Europe’s creative production behemoth Saddington Baynes has released a spate of VFX videos as an experiment to train their artists. Entailing the complex simulations and labyrinthine details of 3D animation, this is an attempt by SBLabs, who developed the videos, to shape the technical discipline of the artists for commercial projects.

Four such videos were produced by SB’s R&D arm, ranging from celebration of London Pride with CG paint to replicating Gangnam style through motion capture. Here’s a short synopsis of each of the videos:

  • Love is Love: Depicts a centrepiece of Cherub statue simulated using 3D photo scans and rendered with Arnold. It was created using FLIP fluid solver with a bit of customised color mixing.

  • InflataSean: It is a human replica generated by processing data from full-body scans. The inflation effects were then brought about through simulations and then rendered in Mantra/Android.
  • VFX Dancers: Created by meticulously entwining particle simulations and fur with shaders and attached to motion capture.

  • Gangnam style: An amalgam of motion picture and cloth simulation, created using Flipbook.

Through these experimental clips, SBLabs are providing the VFX artists with a platform to accustom themselves with various tools. Besides, the creative freedom also serves to nurture their skills with some hands-on training.

Saddington Baynes currently creates visual content for advertising industries across US, UK and elsewhere in Europe, functioning since the last 25 years.

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