VFX Thinkbox Software Releases Stoke MX 2.0 for Autodesk 3ds Max -

Thinkbox Software Releases Stoke MX 2.0 for Autodesk 3ds Max

Thinkbox Software today launched Stoke MX 2.0, a completely reimagined version of its plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max. Stoke MX 2.0 introduces new methods of working with 3D data – including particles, fields, meshes and level sets – to produce and synthesize complex simulations quickly and with a high level of control. The addition of Genome, a procedural geometry modifier previously available as a separate product offering, to Stoke MX 2.0 provides 3ds Max users with a unique, powerful and streamlined tool. Flexible I/O ensures Stoke MX 2.0 users can easily handle data from both third party applications and legacy particle systems, while a dedicated atmospheric effect enables users to render fields in various 3ds Max renderers including Default Scanline and V-Ray.

– Stoke 2.0 gives 3ds Max users a level of control not seen before and will undoubtedly change how artists execute FX, dynamics and geometry modifications, noted Torbjorn Tobbe Olsson, CG Cinematics Director, S2 Games.

– Our internal team is still uncovering all the cool things Stoke 2.0 can do; it’s an incredible tool, and the projects it’s being used on are mind-blowing. Users can essentially art direct a look that was previously only achieved by waiting for random variation, said Chris Bond, founder, Thinkbox Software.

Key features of Stoke MX 2.0 include:

— Procedural field generation using mathematical functions, 3ds Max texture maps, geometry and particles, and volumetric data from various sources.
— History-independent and history-dependent field simulation capabilities based on node-based logic for solving advanced problems.
— Read and write functionality for industry standard volumetric data files including Dreamworks OpenVDB (.VDB), Sony Pictures Imageworks Field3D (.F3D) and Sitni Satis FumeFX (.FXD).
— Integration with 3ds Max sub-systems like MassFX rigid body simulations, mCloth simulations, Hair&Fur hair dynamics, FumeFX simulations, native and third party particle systems including Particle Flow and Cebas Thinking Particles, through a dedicated Stoke Field Force object.
— Direct Field data sampling from within the Genome procedural modifier, as well as new Genome operators for vertex and face iterations.
— A Stoke Field Follow operator enabling the advection and control of Particle Flow particles, including the ability to define events logic via custom selection fields.
— Integration with the 3ds Max materials system via a Stoke Field Texture map.
— Dedicated field-to-particles conversion object for integration with Thinkboxs Krakatoa MX and Frost MX plug-ins.
— An atmospheric effect for rendering Stoke fields in any renderer that supports the 3ds Max environment effects sub-system.

Stoke MX 2.0 provides workstation licenses for interactive operation, and network simulation licenses for processing simulations on a render farm using Thinkbox Softwares Deadline network manager. Bundles of workstation and network licenses are available at a reduced cost. Existing Stoke MX 1.0 customers on active support as well as all current Genome license owners will receive an update to Stoke MX 2.0 at no additional cost.