Warner Bros. greenlights new animated Batman and Superman shows -

Warner Bros. greenlights new animated Batman and Superman shows

HBO Max and Cartoon Network recently announced not one but two new animated DC superhero shows – Batman: The Caped Crusader and My Adventures with Superman

Expressing his excitement about the upcoming series, Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios president Sam Register said, “It’s been a great partnership working with Cartoon Network and HBO Max to bring more DC Super Heroes to the platform in new and creatively interesting ways”

The Caped Crusader promises a noir-ish “reimagining” of the character and will be created by a team that includes J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves (the director of the upcoming The Batman), and Bruce Timm (one of the co-creators of the fan-favourite Batman: The Animated Series). 

“The series will be thrilling, cinematic and evocative of Batman’s noir roots, while diving deeper into the psychology of these iconic characters,” the trio commented in a joint announcement.

The teaser poster featuring the art style for the series seems to be in conjunction with the darker tone, with a grim-looking Batman (with an old-school pointed ear cowl) staring down at Gotham City.

There is scant information on who is voicing Batman and his villains but they have big shoes to fill, as Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill have been the Batman and Joker for a generation.

“It is always fun to feed the insatiable appetite fans have for all things Batman,” said Warner Bros. president of Global Kids, Young Adults and Classics Tom Ascheim. “Batman: Caped Crusader will entertain first time and die-hard fans alike and, with such an impressive creative team in place, we know we have another future Batman classic in the making.”

On the other hand, My Adventures with Superman, will follow the 20-something lives of Clark Kent (Jack Quaid), Lois Lane (Alice Lee), and Jimmy Olsen as they collectively start their journalism careers, fall in love, and for Clark, he also starts his burgeoning career as the Man of Steel.

In this serialized coming-of-age story, Clark builds his secret Superman identity and embraces his role as the hero of Metropolis. And perhaps the world. Lois, now growing into a star investigative journalist, takes aspiring photographer Jimmy Olsen under her wing. All the while, Clark and Lois are falling in love, sharing adventures, taking down bad guys, stumbling over secrets. And also discovering what it means to be Superman and Lois Lane.

While announcing the launch of the show, Warner Bros. head of kids and family programming Amy Friedman said, “Superman has remained one of the most iconic and beloved SuperHeroes in the world, this fresh take from the Warner Bros. Animation team delivers a modern, relatable Clark Kent alongside a fearless, whip smart Lois Lane who are navigating the small tasks of both becoming adults and trying to save the world.”

Jack Quaid (The Boys) and Alice Lee (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist) lead the voice cast as Clark Kent and Lois Lane, respectively.My Adventures with Superman has already been ordered for two seasons and will be executive produced by Sam Register (Teen Titans Go!), Jake Wyatt (Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus), and Brendan Clogher (Voltron: Legendary Defender).

We can’t wait for both the series to release!

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