underDOGS Gaming Studio revisits ‘Parking Evolution 3D’

The studio based out of Mumbai, headed by the founder and CEO Vaibhav Chavan, has come out with an update to its popular gaming franchise – Parking Evolution 3D – on Google Play. Plans are afoot to follow it up on iOS, Amazon, Nook and Windows phones as well, finally coming onto Blackberry.

Speaking to Animationxpress.com Vaibhav Chavan reveals: “On the demand of our viewers and the popularity of the game we thought of updating ‘Parking Evolution 3D’, it had received amazing response when it launched, the team is hoping for a positive comeback for its update as well.”

The game has been revitalised with new challenges, the complexity of the game has increased with new elements introduced in the game play and the graphics too given an overhaul. With the introduction of new vehicles and abundant levels in the game, underDOGS studios has attempted at creating a state of the art casual entertainer to get players hooked on.

“We needed the game to be majorly based on physics so we added a truck that carries goods which are affected by the amount of rash driving the player does, you drop even a single item and the game is over.” expounds underDOGS CTO Omkar Patil.

Currently on Android, the game boasts of 100 challenging parking levels in eye-popping 3D. The user can play either using a car or a truck with loaded goods in all 100 levels and drive till the end of the levels. The developers have managed to make the driving as realistic as possible. The car levels are precision based but it gets tougher while in a truck, where one has to avoid dropping a single item from the loaded goods that include crates, drums and footballs.

Very different from regular 2D parking games, ‘Parking Evolution 3D’ brings out a great experience of driving in various areas like bridges, mazes, coned slots, crowded traffic etc. in a stunning 3D city.

“The app has crossed 89,000 downloads and we hope it keeps growing in the coming months. We are also working on the release of an endless running game called ‘City Heist’, which will be out by the next month,” ends Chavan.