VFX Spielworks completes 8th season of NFT game ‘Dungeon Master’ ahead of expansion -

Spielworks completes 8th season of NFT game ‘Dungeon Master’ ahead of expansion

Blockchain startup Spielworks completed a successful eigth season of its signature game Dungeon Master. The season, which saw 37,000 new players join the community and minted over 200 thousand NFTs, concludes just ahead of the beta launch Dungeon Worlds, a massive, new game expansion slated to launch in Q3 2023. 

Wombat Dungeon Master (WDM) demonstrated the power of engaging with creators and brands via NFTs. In the eigth season, there was a distribution of additional rewards in Spielwork’s $WOMBAT token. Now, with the launch of Dungeon Worlds, Spielworks expands the Wombat ecosystem by bringing user-owned NFT staking experiences. In Dungeon Worlds, just like in the original WDM game, community-run dungeons are organised into seasons, with each one starting and ending across all dungeons. 

Ahead of the beta launch, Spielworks recently conducted land and Wombat character drops on the WAX and Polygon blockchains in the form of NFTs. Additional networks such as EOS and BNB Chain will be added at a later date. The Dungeon Worlds map consists of 10,000 land tiles on each blockchain, containing different geographic features and materials that can be discovered by Wombat characters. Equipment, in the form of NFTs, can be leveraged by players to enhance their dungeons and characters and enjoy interoperability across all dungeons respective of their chain. 

Spielworks CEO and co-founder Adrian Krion said, “As we creep closer and closer to the Dungeon Worlds beta launch, we are getting wonderful feedback from our dedicated community members following our recent land and character drops. We empower our players and creators to give them a platform to generate utility with an exciting gaming experience through user-owned NFT staking. Following the launch, we are already working on a number of exciting game modes and features including cross-chain dungeon interoperability, a battle mode, clan wars, and more.”

Spielworks specialises in gaming and decentralised finance (DeFi) solutions. It has built one of the fastest-growing blockchain gaming ecosystems in the market, featuring a total of over three million signups and 65,000 daily users. The ecosystem incorporates its multi-chain non-custodial Wombat Wallet, crypto rewards platform Womplay featuring 40 AA- and AAA-supported titles, and Top 15 NFT staking game Wombat Dungeon Master counting 1.5 million staked NFTs.