VFX 'Spider-Man Homecoming' : Bewitching trivias you must know ahead of its release -

‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ : Bewitching trivias you must know ahead of its release

In one of the most awaited movie of the year, the webslinger is all set to glide through the blue skies once again as Sony Pictures India’s Spider-Man : Homecoming is fast approaching its release on 7 July, 2017 in India and 6 July worldwide.

After a three year hiatus and the chaos in the MCU following the debacle of The Amazing Spiderman 2, the American media franchise is on the cusp of unleashing a renewed and revamped version of the wall-crawler which has already garnered astronomical hype.

As we look forward to its release with bated breath, here are a few interesting trivialities to deliberate about.

No Harry, no Mary Jane: Peter’s got a new bunch of company!

Although Harry Osborne and Mary Jane Watson were just as much a profound presence in the Spiderman movies and comics as Peter himself, the upcoming Spiderman flick is all set to bid adieu to the old companions of the superhero as he finds newer allies in the movie.

Even though the subplot remains more or less the same with Parker having one close friend in college, a love interest he tries to pursue and one arch-rival in college to have skirmishes with, the latest Spiderman flick to set to feature the characters such as Jacon Batalon, Zendaya, Laura Harrier et al, which hasn’t previously been heard of.

New beginning, new friends!

Michael Keaton goes from a bat to a vulture

Veteran actor Michael Keaton is all set to levitate in mid air once again as he plays the villainous character of Vulture, twenty-five years after playing Batman in Tim Burton’s movies.

The 65-year old superstar holds the distinction of being one of the very few actors to have crossed over from DC to Marvel, but fans are more excited to see him play a baddie after watching him save the city as a Dark Knight.

First appearing in Burton’s Batman followed by its sequel Batman Returns, Keaton is now set to bring the character of vulture to life, one of the few unexplored members of the ‘Sigma Six’.

The famous spider bite scene to be chalked off

The Spider-man: Homecoming movie is to be carried on from the events of Captain America: Civil War. This means the origination of Spiderman after Parker gets bit by a radio-active spider in a laboratory full of such arachnids as projected in the previous franchises, won’t be discussed here.

As director Jon Watts said, “We never talked about showing it because the MO was always not to show anything that we’ve seen before.”  Resultantly, even Uncle Ben and his death aren’t covered in the movie.

Industrial Light and Magic join Sony Pictures Imageworks for the movie’s VFX

Apart from being the first independent movie in the Spiderman history, this would also mark the first Spiderman film to have the VFX not centrally controlled by Sony Pictures Imageworks.

The Sony visual effects company called the shots in the VFX department in all of Spidey’s movies, but this time, another venerable visual effects company Industrial Light and Magic weighed in.

The California-based motion pictures VFX group have numerous movies under their belt, some of the prominent ones being The Godfather Part III, Indiana Jones, the Star Trek franchise, and all the latest from MCU.

A sequel has been already announced

Sony Pictures was so impressed with the reaction to the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, they immediately confirmed a sequel to be released July 5, 2019. It sounds like there could be even more Spidey movies in the works following that, too, with Marvel president Kevin Feige telling Comic-Con 2016 the plan was to follow the formula of the Harry Potter franchise and show Peter Parker in a different year of high school with each one.

 Spider-Man: Homecoming fits in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

This Spider-Man film will be the first to directly tie in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The storyline is intended to follow the events of Captain America: Civil War. While Marvel movies generally are set in the same time as they are released, Spider-Man: Homecoming will buck that trend by taking place just a few months after Civil War.