VFX Polygon Pictures expands to India with a new CG studio subsidiary -

Polygon Pictures expands to India with a new CG studio subsidiary

Earlier during KAM Summit, Polygon Pictures Inc. (PPI) president and CEO Shuzo John Shiota had mentioned about setting up an institution in India. And now PPI has announced the establishment of a new wholly owned subsidiary, Polygon Studios India Private Limited in Thane, Mumbai which will specialize in rigging work – a part of the CG production process requiring specific technical knowledge and experience. The subsidiary was established with a capital of Rs 7,000,000 (approximately US$94,165.12).

Since the competition for rigging artists, an extremely technical field within CG production, is fierce worldwide, shortage of staff has become a major issue in the industry. PPI, along with the Malaysia-based joint venture studio Silver Ant-PPI, has proactively recruited from overseas and has employed numerous artists in this field from India. Building on these relationships, by hiring former PPI or Silver Ant-PPI artists who have since returned to India, the studio has been able to form a capable team which will be able to hit the ground running. In addition, with several of their major CG production outsourcing partners already based in India, Polygon India will allow for even smoother communication and production orders with these local partners.

Serving as Polygon India CEO is Sandeep Betharia, formerly a technical director at PPI who was later involved in the establishment of Silver Ant-PPI, sitting on its board of directors until 2019. His knowledge of the quality and efficiency required to produce the studio’s high-end CG, as well as the pipeline which makes it happen, is unmatched. He is added to the Polygon India board of directors by PPI president and Shuzo Shiota, who has for many years focused on development in overseas markets, and PPI producer dept. one VP Jack Liang.

The Japanese studio is known for its digital animation work on projects like Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, Ajin: Demi-Human, BLAME! and Star Wars Resistance.