VFX New Batman series to grace the DC Universe soon -

New Batman series to grace the DC Universe soon

Two series of Batman are said to hit the DC universe soon as a new report from IGN, The New Batman Adventures and The Batman will be gracing the streaming service this month.
The New Batman Adventures’ story that picks up from where Batman: The Animated Series ended has 24 episodes. While the Batman ran from 20014 to 2008 during the “Kids” block on WB, the animated series bounded within its own continuity and featured Rino Romano voicing the lead role.

“When launching DC Universe we knew the comic reader was an area that we wanted to expand and provide more choice. Fans want a place to discover new titles and the opportunity to enjoy full arcs of iconic and notable storylines from start to finish,” said DC Digital Services senior vice president and general manager Sam Ades to comicbook.com.

These two shows join the latest batch of content joining DC Universe’s library, with the live-action Doom Patrol series set to begin debuting on 15 February. This comes as the service is also gearing up plans to ramp up its comic content, with iconic storylines like Batman: Hush and 2009’s Batgirl

 We are excited to see the arrival of The New Batman Adventures and The Batman join DC Universe.