VFX This National Voters' Day take a look at how comic artists help spread awareness about the right to vote

This National Voters’ Day take a look at comics which spread awareness about the right to vote

“Voting is not only our right- it is our power” – Loung Ung

To make young voters aware about their rights and encourage them to take part in the political process, the Government of India has decided to celebrate 25 January every year as National Voters’ Day. The day was first celebrated on January 25, 2011, to mark the Foundation day of the Election Commission of India.

This year marks 10 years of National Voters’ Day, which is celebrated all across the country at over 10 lakh locations across the nation, including polling station areas, sub divisions, divisions and districts.

According to Election Commission of India (ECI), on this day, voters are being made aware for promoting informed participation in the electoral process. New voters or first time electorate are handed over their Elector Photo Identity Card in the National Voters’ Day function.

“National Voters’ Day 2020 marks an important milestone in the history of Indian democracy as the Election Commission of India completes 70 years of its existence,” said ECI in a release.

On this day today, let’s take a look at how comic artists are trying to make Indian citizens aware about their right to vote through comics.