VFX Mumbai-based Post Office Studios creates animated content to promote the Hyderbad Design Week

Mumbai-based Post Office Studios creates animated content to promote the Hyderbad Design Week

The Government of Telangana approached Mumbai-based Post Office Studios to create content promoting the Hyderabad Design Week, which is being held in October. The studio has created a promotional video to announce the five-day design event in tandem with the 31st edition of the World Design Assembly, to promote innovation, encourage design thinking, foster continued design education, and create awareness on the power of design in India. Hyderabad Design Week is a city-wide festival of design that brings together leading design practitioners to explore their role as problem-solvers and change-makers, present the best in human-centric design innovation, and tackle some of the greatest challenges today.

“The idea behind the creative video was to explore a variety of design and animation styles, in order to do justice to a design event. The creative team narrowed down upon different visual elements, which were showcased through animation styles ranging from 2D animation, motion graphics to stop motion and 3D animation. We had eight different artists work on the graphics and animation, ensuring that a diverse collection of creative skill-sets worked on the film,” said Post Office Studios head Aditya Tawde.

Intending to be an ode to design, the video takes the audience through a variety of design styles, largely depicted through 2D and 3D animation. Each visual element is tied together in the form of a spoken word piece, which is made possible through good design. The theme of the event is ‘Humanising Design’, and the video does not simply rely on abstract design elements but rather showcases the various instances through which design forms an integral part of our day to day lives.

The studio spent a fair amount of time on creating an extensive mood-board, which ensured that the film was visually distinct and appealing, without there being any break in flow. One of the most challenging parts of the process was to design and animate the end sequence of the video, which revealed the word ‘Design’, mentioned Tawde. “For this, we designed 54 graphic frames and animated them together to end the video on a high and intensive note, giving the viewers an adrenaline rush of sorts,” said he.

At Post Office Studios, the team tries to focus on the core concept and design behind the content piece, irrespective of the nature and scale of the brief. Setting a solid design-centric foundation helps them create a high standard of design driven animated content. Another key factor behind creating good design is the urge to constantly learn and push one’s creative limits. “Our team is always exploring diverse, trending designs in the industry, in addition to being willing to collaborate with various designers across the globe, to broaden our perspectives,” added Tawde.

Post Office Studios is in a constant conundrum of experimenting with various styles and treatments for the film, while also maintaining sufficient synergy between each visual element. The studio has earlier worked with clients including Warner Bros. Records, Nike, Asian Paints, Google, History Channel, the Star Network, and many more.

With the uniquely curated content, Post Office Studios has taken animation, a notch higher!