VFX Marvel release recipe to bake Thor's Mjolnir hammer as sugary candies! -

Marvel release recipe to bake Thor’s Mjolnir hammer as sugary candies!

The promotions for the upcoming Marvel action-hero flick Thor: Ragnarok are supposedly in full swing. With just over a week since it hits the big screen, the production house has kept the fans on the tenterhooks with a string of teasers and trailers from the movie over the recent months.

But now, there’s something new and exciting for the fans to chomp ahead of the mega-release as Thor’s holy (and sugary) hammer Mjolnir, can be cooked at home with the help of this simple recipe released online by Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel.

Named Mjolnir Candy Apples, the short video clip demonstrates the making of the sweets, with all the necessary ingredients list available on Marvel’s official website. And though one doesn’t need to be Gordon Ramsey to pull it off as the recipe looks pretty simple, the hard part may be to bring out the grey colour of the icing to reminisce the actual hammer.

Even if it doesn’t, in actuality, would you care? After all, it’s the creamy wafers that one cannot resist wolfing down!

So don’t hold yourself back, rush into your kitchen and start mixing the ingredients! Don’t you want a pair of Mjolnir hammers of your own?

Produced by Marvel Studios, Thor: Ragnarok releases on 3 November 2017 in India.