VFX Lightseekers to debut on Nintendo Switch in 2019

‘LightSeekers’ to debut on Nintendo Switch in 2019

The heroes of Tantos are rolling towards their console debut as Lightseekers, on the Nintendo Switch by mid-January 2019.

Following on from the success of LightSeekers mobile version, PlayFusion’s enhanced reality engine is primed to bring the colourful and vibrant trading card game to Nintendo’s flagship console.

The easy-to-learn gameplay of LightSeekers has been a hit worldwide, with two million games played since its launching on mobile devices in July. The makers believe that players might like to join in the flurry of fighting, when it hits the Nintendo Switch.

The game has merged the world of physical and digital, therefore players might experience a whole new way to play such as, scanning cards from physical collections and then immediately beginning to customise digital decks with brand new options or forge new tactics and bring them to the digital battlefield.

Players can practice with their custom deck against AI or play casually against the community or friends. The most competitive players will be able to challenge the leaderboards for their rightful places and show their skills in matching ranks to earn the greatest rewards. The digital game provides convenient quick matches, more customisation, personalisation and digital booster packs to expand players’ collections.

“It’s just a fantastic feeling to see LightSeekers make its way to the Nintendo Switch. It was PlayFusion’s debut into gaming, and to see it grow to this level just makes the whole team proud,” said PlayFusion CEO Mark Gerhard.

With the new expansion LightSeekers: Uprising on the horizon, players may play with physical cards, available in local hobby stores, as well as digitally on mobile devices, tablets and soon over Nintendo Switch.