VFX Jamie Foxx to lend voice to Pixar's first black lead

Jamie Foxx to lend voice to Pixar’s first black lead

Disney Pixar’s new animated feature, Soul which will be coming out this year, releases its new trailer. Soul will feature Pixar’s first black lead. Starring Jamie Foxx, the movie is based around Joe Gardner, a jazz musician and music teacher, whose soul suddenly leaves his body. The euphemism symbolises death, and explores the great beyond.

The movie which is directed by Pete Docter who is known to have released successful movies in the past, including Up and Inside Out, is expected to do well at the box office and various festivals.

The trailer shows Foxx’s character in the movie wants to come back to life as he has one undone deed left to be completed on Earth before he is ready to die. Because just before Joe Gardner feel into the manhole, he actually got himself a chance to perform jazz on stage. However, things are not as easy as they seem because the souls can’t just escape out of the soul world. One can see Joe taking the help of Tina Fey’s character called 22 to escape out of the soul world.

Apart from Fey and Foxx, the movie also casts Questlove, Phylicia Rashad, and Daveed Diggs, among many others. Soul is set to hit the theatres on 19 June 2020.