Is Bethesda working on a ‘Game of Thrones’ game?

Having the seventh season of the massively popular show Game of Thrones concluding today, fans would be awaiting for the next season, which is due early 2019.

As fans still linger on to the essence of the show, there might be something coming up from the gaming realm which will rekindle the interest.

If a leak is to be believed, Bethesda is working on a title of ‘Game Of Thrones’. An unfinished page on U.S.A. retailer, Target’s website, in the listing section, revealed nothing but a text saying ‘Bethesda – Game of Thrones’. It was enough to make the speculations running rife.

Firstly, Bethesda is the creator of games like the Fallout series and Elder Scrolls. The title Elder Scrolls is as close as it gets to a RPG based on Game of Thrones. Nothing has been confirmed as of now, but if Bethesda is working on it, fans can expect something really good as it is the area of Bethesda’s expertise.

Further fuelling the speculations is the fact that Bethesda has already announced that they have multiple ongoing projects under wrap and hence a new Elder Scrolls game would not be out any time soon, hence making people believe that they are indeed working on a Game of Thrones game.

The page is still up at the time of writing the story but might be taken down soon. Nothing has been revealed by HBO, Bethesda or Target’s side, however we may know soon, or not. We’ll have to wait and watch.