How Indian VFX studios celebrated Christmas this year!

Christmas vibe is ever so pervasive this year. Its the time of the year when everyone looks forward to the festival of gifts and merriment and celebrations. Hardly anyone has grown out of the tradition where Santa dashes through the chimney and gives us just the gift we desired for! We all celebrate the festival in a variety of ways. Christmas symbolises fulfillment of dreams and hopes. Especially Christmas movies that we love to watch with fervour, sprinkle magic in our lives with fantastically regaling stories. VFX and Animation studios play a huge part in helping filmmakers portray the idyllic and magical elements in the movies. Let’s see how they celebrated Christmas this year!


Famulus studio is an emerging VFX studio in Mumbai. They have done a pioneering job in the recent blockbuster space movie Mission Mangal, creating space elements and imagery for the movie.


“We work hard but we play harder!”

– They had a team lunch which was followed by Christmas Carol that they all merrily sang. They also played secret Santa. They spent a lot of time together playing games, eating the big cake in the evening and enjoying the overall Christmas vibe.


Based in Mumbai, redchillies.vfx has been the flagbearer of the VFX scene in Bollywood. They have been associated with major Bollywood projects.


Speaking about their Christmas celebrations, redchillies.vfx spokesperson shared, “Christmas according to us is the season of new beginnings and festive vibes all around. A season to congratulate and motivate yourself and others for the wonderful work done all the year round, all while you gear up for a high spirited festive break with new goals waiting at the other end. A fresh start! ”

He added, “The shades of Christmas and Red Chillies is the same. That said, the entire office beams in scarlet shades of RED. Sleigh bells, wreaths and  shiny wall hangings adorn the entire office. This keeps the vibes of the festival alive throughout the day. This year, we planned to include a little nostalgia. A dressed up Santa would go around wishing people and handing over delicious chocolates. It was absolutely ho-ho-awesome! Everyone sang carols and songs of Christmas and it was a good break for our hardworking teams!”

PixelDigital Studios

Having recently come off the back of a superhit Commando 3, Pixel Digital Studio has been going from strength to strength, dishing out hit movies in a row.

PixelDigital Studio

Spokesperson from the studio shared: “At Pixel, our team works hard and celebrates all the festivals too. After delivering heavy VFX film Commando 3 recently –  boys and girl are in a celebration mood. And now waiting for the New Year. Wishing all our friends at AnimationXpress and in the industry – Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.”

After Studio

After Studio has delivered an extensive breadth of landmark VFX projects over the years.

After Studio

Spokesperson from the studio shared, “Once again, the time of the year is here when all of us are looking forward to celebrate Christmas. This year, the celebration kick started today with colourful, festive decoration to the whole office. We hosted a series  of fun- filled activities the whole day that bring the true spirit of collaboration among all employees. By afternoon, we were ready with colourful lights, bells, Christmas tree and other festive decorations. Goal and vision of the company – This vision was the driver that led to the creation of ‘after’ which is now extended as Silvercloud studios, a post production studio par excellence. We look forward to continuing organizing vibrant activities at our workplace and provide a perfect ambiance to unwind.”

One that note, we wish all of you a very happy Christmas! May all your desires come true!

– by Poonam Mondal and Parth Kaushik