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How slot machine animation has evolved

Way back in the 1900s, the very first slot game was pioneered. With basic symbols and simple payouts, these were not the sophisticated slots that we know to this day.Here, we will look at the evolution of these games over the years and how their animation has changed.

The Original Slot Machine

The Liberty Bell was the very first slot machine to have existed, though it is almost unrecognisable as a slot machine that we know to this day. With just a couple of symbols, players could win cigarettes or drinks from the machine. It was an analogue based system, without any digital additions, which required the help of bar staff to oversee and pay out.

This was the start of an amazing and rich industry, with the original slot machine inspiring countless others. Though this was a basic game, especially when compared to the ones that we see today, the concept of it has thrived to this day.

Through the years, physical slot machines began to use digital aspects, which made them more inviting. The bright lights and simple animations began to create the slots that we are accustomed to seeing in pubs these days. With these, players could win real money too instead of just bar snacks and freebies. Thus real money slot games were born and players could enjoy the thrill of a gamble with just some pocket change.

Online Games

Similarly, the start of online gaming was also quite rudimentary. The original slot games that came online in the 90s were extremely basic, without much animation to speak of. Classic slot game creators like Microgaming created basic games, with three reels to emulate the slots that people were already accustomed to.

They would be 2D, easy to render and lightweight to deal with the poorer technology that was available at the time. They were also secondary to other games like video poker, as these were much more hyped and popular at the time.

You can now see a lot of animated slots for mobile that are actually much more intensive than the ones you could play on a desktop computer previously. Mobile casino sites boast hundreds of these games, each with their own unique animation styles.

The Future of Slot Gaming

Right now, the average mobile casino player can choose from many games with their own aspects. Developers are really pushing things outside the box and choosing their features wisely, which has made the industry as a whole much more popular.With a variety of slots available, we can also see trends within the industry, like 3D assets and themed games.

There are many slot games out there and their numbers are increasing on a regular basis. These slot game developers are able to create games more quickly, which leads to a higher rate of them being released. This has a great effect on the gaming industry as it creates a highly innovative environment, with new and veteran gamers spoiled for choice.

Slot games have a really rich history, something that not every player will actually realise. They have jackpots, characters and enticing gameplay – rivalling what we see in more hardcore games.

This industry will continue to be early adopters of new animation software, which will allow us to play on games that are even more lifelike.