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Grab your gaming buddies and celebrate Friendship Day with these games!

Friendship Day!

Of all the occasions this might be one which gamers cherish, especially the ones playing multiplayer games. As a gamer myself, I can testify that I have made countless friends while playing games online who are actually nice people to hang out with, which I am sure is the case for a lot of you out there.

If not so, and you stick to playing games offline, you surely have buddies with whom you share the little or lengthy gaming skirmishes with.

This Friendship Day, tag along some of your buddies and delve into these games together!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:

Get racing with familiar characters from the world of Mario as you power up with the mushrooms and ace the race or lay down the banana peels and become an absolute menace for your friends. Bumping into your friends’ karts just to annoy them or throwing Koopa Shells at them, this lively and colourful game might be just what you need to have some gaming hours with your mates this friendship day!

Rocket League:

Don’t have a Nintendo Switch at your disposal to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Stick to your good old PC and rush into the Rocket League!
However, it is not exactly racing but more like ‘Soccer with Cars’. Playing this game with friends is tons of fun as you swoop in with flaming wheels as you slide through walls and show some moves before making the score. The community in general is pretty friendly as well, maybe you can make some more friends this Friendship Day with Rocket League!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds:

PUBG might be going through some lag issues right now but it should be up and running before Sunday that is Friendship Day. While the game is still in early access, it has definitely made its mark as one of the most played non-valve game on Steam. While you team up with your friends and jump off a place on an island, you must stick with your premade squad and co-ordinate to obliterate the enemy and claim victory!

Any MOBA: League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Smite, Battleborn or any other MOBA game of your choice is always a blast to play with your buddies. While playing solo you make a lot of friends and some become really good friends! Ask anyone who has played these games, they must have at least few good friends from this game!

FIFA: The version doesn’t matter, this is the game most friends challenge each other on. Snatching the controller from your friends or deterring them from making the winning penalty have led to many friendly banters, but it continues to be a popular pick for some intense gaming sessions!

Overwatch: This game needs no definition, team up with your friend and be the mercy to your friend’s Pharah and join the Pharmercy train while you get cursed by your enemy team. It’s fun none the less!



Wait! You really thought I will exclude Ludo? That is the best game to make a friend, and lose one of course! But nonetheless, the trend has caught on, the popular indigenous board game has hopped on to the mobile platforms and spread like wildfire, after all it’s hard to let go off our roots! So, get three buddies and some audience this Friendship Day and let them tournament begin!

Or if you have one of the old consoles, play Contra with your friend because it’s the best! Period.

Well, these are just some titles that we would suggest, however you can play any multiplayer game you love with your buddies. Happy Friendship Day, my fellow gamers!