VFX 'Flappy Bird' creator is back with all new 'Swing Copters' -

‘Flappy Bird’ creator is back with all new ‘Swing Copters’

Not too long ago the world was completely engaged in playing one of the most addictive games ever made, yes you guessed it right – It was Dong Nguyen’s Flappy Bird, well the Vietnam based indie game developer is soon going to release his next venture in Swing Copters – due to hit online stores like Google Play store and iTunes App store on 21 August.

Renowned for its rudimentary graphic displays, virtually non-existent storyline and, most notably, its extreme difficulty, Flappy Bird proved potently addictive. Its popularity continued to climb until Nguyen abruptly pulled the game from the app store in February.

Judging from Swing Copter’s trailer, it looks like it is very similar -and as difficult to play – as Flappy Bird – instead of scrolling horizontally in order to navigate a bulgy-eyed yellow bird between green pipes, it appears you need to scroll vertically in order to keep a bulgy-eyed man wearing a propeller-equipped-hat from hitting platforms and hammers.

While Swing Copters is generating a lot of pre-launch buzz, it has some big shoes to fill. On Thursday, we’ll get to see if Nguyen himself is able to recreate some of the Flappy Bird magic.