Five ‘Battle Royale’ games you can try!

The forever evolving world of gaming has been dotted with different genres of games defining the meta at different times. While some genres of games have been persistent throughout, Battle Royale became the centre of attraction since 2017. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds ushered in a fad which exploded within the community and all of a sudden it had crossed numerous milestones and the craze was spreading rapidly like a wildfire.

With that, 2018 seemed like a year which will follow in the footsteps and bring in more titles with the similar mode in place.

Here’s a look at some of the games taking up the battle royale (BR) mode:

Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG):

Possibly the biggest success story in the gaming scene throughout the previous year would be PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG). An unfinished MOD by a single person, Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, topped the charts of Steam, making it the game with the highest number of concurrent players surpassing Valve’s Dota 2 and even Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Setting the stage for upcoming BR games, the game gained a big list of fans and showed no signs of stopping, then. The game was soon ported to mobile and gained further popularity; however the player-base on PC has since dwindled.


After the success of Player Unknown’s Battlegounds, Epic Games released its own version of a BR game titled Fortnite. With a much brighter and casual environment, the title drew players in masses and is still going strong. The game surpassed the player-count of PUBG sometime back and is the most sought after in the genre, possibly. Recently there was an apparent clash between the creators of PUBG and Fortnite over copyright claims; however that seems to have passed on without much flare.

Realm Royale:

Hi-Rez Studios kind of redefined the MOBA genre with their third-person approach to MOBAs with their game Smite. After tasting success with the game, the company delved into character-based shooters and launched Paladins, a first-person shooter based around objectives. While still in beta, the company has announced Realm Royale a few months back as their foray into the BR genre. The game will see a mix of different races like an RPG or MOBA, with different abilities and of course, the mount feature from Paladins.

Stand Out: Battle Royale VR:

A VR game with a battle royale mode should already make it an interesting concept. However, it would be hard to say how many players with VR headset will be playing an online at the same time, as required for BR modes.


This game promises to take the battle royale combat to waters. Players will control ships from various classes. Orcs, humans, dwarfs, each ship has their own specialties. The fantasy world sports titanic sea monsters that might just drown you if you go beyond the designated area. The last ship standing wins the match. Taking a shift from the more known names in the BR genre, this game looks interesting, to say the least.

If you’re not the one for long matches, this game might be the perfect one for you! This browser-based game is quick and simple! Players are represented as circles from the top-down and matches are pretty easy to find!

While these are just some of the BR games out there, there are many others, some of which are yet to be released and some of them are already live. Choose your next title wisely!