VFX Final trailer of DCEU’s ‘Aquaman’ offers little to talk about

Final trailer of DCEU’s ‘Aquaman’ is a collage of previous clips

With just over month now from the highly anticipated release of DC’s next solo Aquaman, the final trailer of the movie has dropped though there’s little to discuss that hasn’t been already.

The 120-second clip captures Arthur Curry’s backstory of being separated from his parents when he was only a baby, the elaborate underwater visual effects featuring gigantic marine creatures, the humongous lobster, the intense battle sequence for the throne as well as Curry wielding the trident against the backdrop of a waterfall in the iconic yellow and green Aquaman costume.

However, the final trailer does once again remind about the visual appeal of the film; rich in colours and pristine VFX shots that may arguably be one of the best work we could see this year. But the best part? Most of those sequences are underwater – something that’s not a usual spectacle.

Aquaman sees Curry return from his adventures with the Justice League only to find a colossal battle raging on and under the surface. His half-brother Orm wants to bring the kingdom of Atlantis back to the surface to wage war on land which is in direct conflict of Curry’s desire to unite the two worlds.

If anything, all the trailers have shown this is going to be a nerve-jangling, high-octane, and action-packed ride that you may not want to miss.

Aquaman, directed by James Wan, is only the sixth release in the DCEU and opens in cinemas on 21 December 2018.