VFX Final runtime of DC’s ‘Shazam!’ revealed

Final runtime of DC’s ‘Shazam!’ revealed

Just over two months on from the resounding success of Aquaman, DC is now channeling all its marketing spirit in the direction it’s next instalment, Shazam!.

Directed by David Sandberg, Shazam! introduces an all-new superhero in the DCEU lobby and unlike most of his predecessors, promises quirky humor and an uncharacteristically light tenor. Just watch the second trailer again.

DC appears to toe a whole new line with the movie whilst also trading its usual dark themes for much brighter and illuminating colours. Zachary Levi, playing the titular character, is also having a gala time and sure to tickle your funny bone with his slapstick comedy.

And now, in another development ahead of its release, the showmakers have confirmed the official runtime of the film – Shazam! will clock at two hours and 12 minutes, just a few minutes over DC’s shortest film Justice League, which ran for exactly two hours only.

However, the longest runtime in the DC universe still belongs to Zack Snyder’s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, which clocked at two hours and 31 minutes.

Shazam! follows the adventurous tale of a Philadelphia teen Billy Batson who’s bestowed with mystic superpowers that turn him into a lighting-fast, electricity emitting, super strong cape crusader by just yelling the word ‘Shazam’.

But even before he fully comes to grips with his abilities, Mark Strong’s Dr.Thaddeus Sivana aka the world’s wickedest scientist, comes along to execute his sinister plans.

Having superpowers is not all fun and frolic, and a 15-year old Billy Batson will soon realise it, as well as shoulder responsibility for what lies ahead.

DC’s Shazam! whizzs into cinemas on 5 April 2019.