VFX Dwarf joins hands with Babel and Réseau Ferré de France for the production of 3 TVCs -

Dwarf joins hands with Babel and Réseau Ferré de France for the production of 3 TVCs

Dwarf Animation Studio has collaborated with Babel and RFF to realise a viral campaign, both original and intergenerational, dedicated to the fight against dangerous behavior at level crossings.

A mini-saga of three short animated films has been created to raise public awareness about the danger caused by risky behavior, the major cause of accidents. It presents the perilous adventures of hedgehogs; sometimes reckless, sometimes distracted, sometimes in a hurry. From this successful collaboration are born endearing characters and an original universe situated in a world of wonder. “Thanks to their vision and the trust they placed in Dwarf Animation Studio, the creative teams of Babel allowed a total visual freedom of expression which was precious for our team”, says Olivier Pinol, director and cinematographer.

Paul Wauters, Creative Partner at Babel on the RFF project, speaking about this first cooperation with Dwarf says: “Babel is an ‘open source’ agency which does not just content itself to put external talents in competition in order to realize our projects, but that picks a partner for what they can really bring. It is a kind of ephemeral fusion. In this sense, the collaboration between the RFF team at Babel; Jean Desportes, Romain Grange and Matthieu Poli, and the one from Dwarf, represented by Olivier Pinol, was a case study. We immediately understood each other from the very first meeting, because we immediately had the same references. We have been so glad to work with a 3D house, putting the story, the character design, the characters’ personality, the dialogues, the acting timing but also the message which has to be spread, right before the technical side. It has been a wonderful experience! I never felt so close to Pixar. Olivier’s lively enthusiasm for every detail, as for example the design of a tree or an almost invisible flower located in the background, and his desire to do everything possible for the project on every level makes us aware of the wonderful job we do.”

This collaboration with Babel is a great example of projects where Dwarf Animation Studio, as a creative studio, can bring a real artistic plus-value to the client. Through these three videos, Olivier – a former artist at DreamWorks (Schrek, Madagascar, etc.) and Weta Digital (Avatar, etc.) – has been able, with his artists, to highlight four years of technological developments and methods, supporting the artistic vision of Babel. This artistic and technological expertise, originally born in cinema, is the driving force behind Dwarf’s success.