‘Digimon’ a new animated movie announces Toei Animation

For all those who love Digimon characters and monsters, which used to be among us years back, it won’t be a long wait as its movie is in works.

The animation studio Toei Animation announced during a special Digimon event on 29 July that a new feature film is getting produced for the Digimon’s 20th anniversary. Tentatively titled as Gekijō-ban Digimon Adventure (Digimon Adventure The Movie), the film will focus on the original characters, but the 22-year-old grown-up ones now—Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, TK, and Kari. In 1997, The Digimon franchise was first created as a series of virtual pets which were influenced by Tamagotchi toys. The electronic devices allowed users to nurture and interact with their own digital monsters. In 1999, the first anime Digimon Adventure and the first video game Digimon World were released.

Hiromi Seki, who originally produced the Digimon anime, is going to supervise the film and Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru and Kenji Watanabe will again work as the original character and monster designers.

Here is the first look at Tai (Taichi Yagami) and Matt (Yamato Ishida) at 22 years old.

It is very evident that the digital world has changed quite a bit since the first anime released in 1999. It is a while before the English version for the 20th anniversary will be released, but not much for Digimon Tri for its 15th anniversary which is set to debut this year in the US.