VFX Dhvani Desai’s ‘Chakravyuh’ honoured with yet another award -

Dhvani Desai’s ‘Chakravyuh’ honoured with yet another award

Who thought an animated short like Chakravyuh (Vicious Circle) would bring so many accolades to its maker Dhvani Desai, founder of Metamorphosis Studio. The film that is based on the Right to Information (RTI) Act has recently bagged the award from the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension, Govt of India apart from winning the most popular film award at MIFF 2014 earlier.

“I felt honoured when the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension, Govt of India, New Delhi, one of the highest body of this country, which plays an important role in enactment of this Legal Act, gave this award to me, as an appreciation for making this film for the betterment of the masses,” exults Dhvani.

Produced by the Films Division, Chakravuh has also bagged the Award for Best Practice in RTI from DOPT Government, of India and Yashada, Pune.

“When I made this film, my main focus was that the Indian audience should see this because it’s an Indian Act. And I am glad that in India this film has already created a movement, its being telecast in theatres and workshops. So my purpose of reaching out to the common man has been accomplished,” adds Dhvani.

The Film illustrates the petty struggles of four characters. All unrelated with each other and dispersed in different parts of India. They all have completely different type of problems in their lives but surprisingly have the same solution.

To portray her story, Dhvani used newspaper cuttings for her 35mm film. “Information is all around us and I subtly wanted to convey that. RTI is all about getting information and then using it accordingly. In my film I wanted to show that everything around us is full of information. The only problem with the common man is that we don’t focus on the right to information,” she expounds.