VFX Chennai's Basilic Fly Studio takes flight to Vancouver with new VFX venture -

Chennai’s Basilic Fly Studio takes flight to Vancouver with new VFX venture

Chennai-based visual effects company Basilic Fly Studio announced the launch of its new company in Vancouver, BC. Opening a new base in Canada is part of the 10 year old company’s overall expansion plan.

Incorporated as Basilic Fly Studio Canada Ltd., the venture is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Indian parent studio. It is their first major investment outside India.

Sharing details about the expansion, Basilic Fly Studio founder Balakrishnan Rajarathinam (Bala) said, “We view Canada as the most logical choice for our expansion. Vancouver checks all of the boxes for us:  a robust production and VFX community, a deep pool of VFX talent, a timezone that is aligned with or more closely aligns with many of our international clients, cultural diversity, a thriving arts scene and easy access to the great outdoors.  We couldn’t be more excited about our future here.”

“We have come here for the long term and plan to build a trustworthy VFX team that will strengthen our already-robust relationships with our clientele in both Canada and the US,” he added.

“We are thrilled that they have chosen Vancouver (BC) and we look forward to supporting them as they grow their Canadian operation. They are a welcome addition to our VFX community,” said CreativeBC (British Columbia’s creative industry catalyst) vice president Bob Wong.

According to Basilic Fly Studio executive producer North America Jennifer Hargreaves, “This has been a long standing goal for the company and will truly help to solidify our presence on this side of the world and will allow us to pursue larger projects, onset supervision and creative, economical solutions for our ever expanding client base.”

“The journey thus far has been very exciting to all of us here. We understand VFX is a people-intensive, talent-savvy domain. People who stood by us and believed in us helped make a big difference. Soon, several of our key talent will move over to Canada, where they will get to work with our richly-experienced VFX supervisor and creative VFX talent there. Also, we are fast embracing virtual production approach to VFX. I am sure, this approach will make room for abundant exposure to our team members in India. In short, our studio is at the cusp of its next big leap,” said Basilic Fly Studio director Yogalakshmi Sundaram (Yoga).

Basilic Fly Studio is fast ramping-up capacities in Canada. With a mid-October opening, recruitment of a high calibre VFX team is well underway.  

The company has earned fame for its VFX works in Hollywood-based blockbusters, episodics and commercials. Their profile includes biggies like Joker, Spider Man: Far From Home, Avengers: End Game, The Witcher and so on.