VFX 'Ben 10' back with a bang with new episodes on Cartoon Network -

‘Ben 10’ back with a bang with new episodes on Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network brings back kids’ superhero show, Ben 10 with brand new episodes. Premiering on 29 April exclusively on Cartoon Network, Ben will be seen battling bad guys armed with incredible omni-enhanced powers in the new series.

He’d be seen transforming into a stronger and faster version of himself to fight Vilgax, a cold-hearted villain with an aim to conquer the world. Seething with anger and vengeance from his defeat at the hands of Ben, the evil mastermind plans to hijack the launch of an experimental space plan.

The new series promises to be an adrenaline-fuelled ride, replete with battles and explosions. This combat will also test Ben’s ability to face his greatest fears – tentacles and squids as Vilgax, with his squid-like face and vicious tentacles, embodies the superhero’s ultimate nightmare. This new enemy also  seeks to acquire the Omnitrix and build an army capable of transforming into deadly aliens to fortify his reputation as a deadly villain. He will be seen unleashing drones programmed to serve him as loyal mercenaries.

The ultimate intergalactic battle between Ben 10 and Vilgax will air on every Sunday.