VFX Anibrain School of Media Design sees the light of day -

Anibrain School of Media Design sees the light of day

The Oxford of the East has for years been a hub for young minds to travel the length and breadth of the subcontinent to learn and expand their pool of knowledge.

The city of Pune has long awaited a platform which offers an all encompassing set of courses in the world of digital design, and Anibrain School of Media Design, a premier institute from the house of Anibrain Digital Studio promises to fill that void. The school was conceived as an effort to match the growing demand from the industry, for youngsters who are very keen in learning and participating in the digital revolution.

Digital media and technology have already permeated every aspect of our lives.  Anibrain believes to be at the forefront of digital education, transforming lives and enabling digital enthusiasts with the tools to master the digital world.

The School of Media Design was fittingly launched by Richard Graham – VFX Producer, popular for his contribution to digital masterpieces like Gravity and Iron Man 3, along with Jesh Krishna Murthy – Founder & CEO of Anibrain Digital Technologies and Anibrain School of Media Design.

The Digital Revolt refers to the development of technology from analogue electronic and mechanical devices to the every digital technology available today. Speaking on the launch, Jesh said: “Today, everyone has a need to create media of some sort to tell stories – be it a business presentation or a film, or high end animation VFX or gaming. We want to create a work force capable of churning out world class digital content and this is just the beginning. With an unparalleled array of courses spanning all aspects of digital media and technology, we want to equip every student, professional and hobbyist to take advantage of a flat world to create countless entrepreneurs, workers, technicians, employees and employers.”

With the ongoing thrust in the digital technology sector, it is important for the youth to understand its exponential growth. The school promises to provide a rigorous but rewarding training course for today’s youth to seek their inner creativity. Beginning July 2014, Anibrain Media Design School will be offering numerous long term and short terms courses to suit the varying needs of potential students. These include a Bachelors Degree in VFX and Animation, Online & Digital Marketing, 3D, VFX, and Digital Painting, Mobile App Development and Gaming.

“The aim to create a fresh breed of new media professionals who can compete at a global level in new media fields like VFX, Animation, Gaming, Mobile Apps, Digital Pixel Manipulation, Web 2.0, App Development, Interactivity, Visual Pixel Design etc,” adds Jesh. “I want kids to dream big and people like Richard coming over to the school will only help ignite that dream in their young hearts to aspire to achieve greatness in whatever they set out to do.”