VFX A walk-through on 'Call of Duty: Mobile's' new offerings

A walk-through on ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’s’ new offerings

We are already half month into the launch of the new battle pass ‘Once Upon a Time in Rust’ for Call of Duty: Mobile and it seems Tencent and Activision still have a lot more in their arsenal to serve the players. Last Thursday, the third installment of their in-game comics Wild West was released, which made the new draw The Void available, (also the Justice draw and Dust to Dust Draw simultaneously)

Adding to the buzz that the game has garnered, today a new crate has been launched named The Distraction. Here are the quick details on the updates:-

Wild West Comics

The comic book has been divided into four parts three of which are already published recently the third installment was dropped and the last one is lined up for 21 May respectively. The Pilot chapter tells how Cow Boy Zombie reached the deserted lonely enemy camp on horseback which was unexpected as there was no vehicle available to reach the vicinity and on foot, no one can reach there.

The second chapter narrates the story of how Cow Boy Zombie started taking over the enemy despite out of cover with his specialised gun. The third installment tells how the enemy chief came out in vision to  Cow Boy Zombie asking for sorting out ‘old fashioned way’ as the enemy lost all other members of his team. And sooner both prepare for one vs one fight which will be further revealed in the fourth installment. The in-game comics is the weekly installment for the month of May and its gripping storyline has glued audiences’ interest towards the season.

Introduction of in-game comics is definitely a unique way to engage the audience with a whole new dimension, this way players not only get the interest to play the game but also able to find a resemblance to the storyline in the game. Here is a quick walkthrough  of Call of Duty: Mobile in-game comics Wild West:

The Void draw

The void crate has arms and ammunitions with G-stroke camo, new character along with supplies necessary for battle royale game. The specialty of the crate is a special Cordite G-stroke gun, character Nikto, Zero-G knife, Zero-G parachute, black hole picture, Zero-G backpack, Zero-G trip mine, Zero-G Wingsuit, J358 Zero-G pistol and RPD orbit. The special Cordite gun with G-stroke camo comprises special ability where the enemy sucked away by a black hole (level 1) apart from that double kills instantly add bullets into clip level one and kills broadcast with effects (level 12).

The methodical, calculative new character Nikto is a deadly Spetsnaz operator of the Allegiance faction and suited up in army green with a black ninja mask. Here is a quick walkthrough of Call of Duty: Mobile new draw The Void. The draw starts from 10 CP points and it increases as we proceed to buy components and ended at 1800 CP. If you are lucky enough you might get the Cordite G-stroke special gun at the beginning of the draw or else you might have to spend 1800 CP to get it at the end of draw which happened with me. But the experience to play with gun is worthwhile.

The Distraction Crate

The Distraction crate launched with the new character Nomad The Distractions , Western Sunset camo for Battle Royale, Brushed Steel camo, Saloon map frame, Shoe in picture avatar and some extras. The new character nomad is Tavo Rojas in the distraction uniform has the rowdy, cowboy attitude who enters while whistling and seeks retribution for his fallen friends, using his prowess to turn the environment against his enemies.

The crate is again a lucky draw type where you can buy a single crate at 30 CP  or bundle of 10  crates at 270CP. It is not necessary that you will get your desired components if you buy the bundle only if you are lucky enough you might get the hands-on it.