VFX A cryptographically secure random number generator helps to improvise gameplay experience in Poker

A cryptographically secure random number generator helps to improvise gameplay experience in Poker

The fascination of the Indian audience towards card games that are under the game of skill genre has been increasing steadily over the past few years.  Be it family get togethers, house party or Diwali, card games have been one of the longest traditions of India. As the lockdown started it gave people a better chance to connect with their passions and discover new ones, and this has witnessed,  “tremendous upsurge in the general interest towards the game of skills in general and poker in particular” according to Pocket52 founder and CEO Nitesh Salvi.

Often poker is compared to chess rather than any other card games, the reason behind it is the complexity and the pattern recognition skills required to excel in the game. Poker as a game teaches a lot about the real world, from taking calculated risks to anticipating your opponents’ moves. This is probably the reason why lots of corporate honchos love to unwind with poker. Therefore the complexity of the game requires ample security, thus Pocket 52  interface has a cryptographically secured random number generator. A cryptographically secure random number generator is one where the number that is generated is extremely hard for any third party to predict what it might be. As first, the numbers have to pass statistical randomness tests; and secondly, they hold up well under serious attack, even when part of their initial or running state becomes available to an attacker.

Pocket52 founder and CEO Nitesh Salvi

Salvi says,“We have been growing at a rate of 25 per cent month on month since the beginning of this year. The lockdown did increase the growth rate, but the reason we were able to sustain the growth rate was due to plethora of sustained innovations that we have introduced in the Indian poker industry, from being India’s first and only cryptographically secure RNG+(Random Number Generation+) poker platform, certified internationally to being India’s first and only poker network. We don’t think that we are in the post lockdown phase yet. Even though the government is trying to move towards Unlock 2.0, most of the white-collar workers, who form the bulk of our customers are still working from home and likely to do so in the near future.”

It is true that Poker is a fascinating game  which requires practice.  He believes that people who have once understood the intricacies of Poker will always keep coming back for mental stimulation.  For a Poker platform it is crucial that it maintains the genuinity and player liquiduity for better experience. Player liquidity refers to the numbers of poker players playing at a particular poker site. The old adage that it takes money to make money translates closely to poker room player liquidity. The sites that have lots of players on them tend to attract more players. Players are more reluctant to play on sites where there aren’t as many tables going. They prefer having choices and being able to play multiple tables at a particular level. Therefore, poker rooms need to focus on keeping a high level of player liquidity in order to attract more players.

He added “Gaming as an industry has made several innovations in the past few years. In real money gaming, the most important features, apart from the obvious ones like the ease of use and customer friendliness, are trust, security and liquidity. We have innovated by creating India’s first and only poker network which has solved the issue of player liquidity completely. Our cryptographically secure RNG+ tech helps solve the issue of trust and security. “

He has witnessed that during Covid19 lockdown investors have been bullish on the gaming sector and it is expected to continue for the next few years.