Anifest 2019 day one was all enthusiastic and creative

Anifest India 2019 organised by the TASI (The Animation Society of India) kicked off today, 9 November, with much enthusiasm and amazing minds coming together to showcase their talent. 

Celebrating 19 years of community service in the Indian animation industry, the event brought together noted animation professionals, indie studios, independent animators and creators, as well as students that have built the animation community stronger with more innovation and originality in storytelling and animation.

The programme commenced with the unusual inauguration by bursting of balloons where people from various parts of the world participated.

After the inauguration, Sony Pictures Imageworks (USA) FX lead Dipankar Goswamy who gave an insightful presentation on behind the scenes as well extensive breakdowns on how they ideated, created and executed the much acclaimed animated film around the webbed superhero. He spoke on importance on lining, scenes, frames, characterisation and many more.

Post Goswamy’s session, independent animator, Sagar Funde, who’s currently working for Animal Logic in Sydney, showcased his animated short film Kite that he single handedly created and completed over the span of three years.

His films spark nostalgia, friendship and old world charm that beautifully depict the Indian culture. Taking inspirations from daily life and surroundings, Funde artistically tells a heartwarming story of losing one’s way and finding it back again. He further explained his journey and how he managed to complete his solo project under stringent deadlines and time crunch with the support of his better-half.

After lunch, Anifest witnessed screenings of some brilliant films created by students from across the world. The lineup included – Sadaiv Tumhara, Bansho; Lucid; 400 MPH; Tant que coeurs battent; o28; Mother’s Love; A Little More Blue; Favourite Song; Ek Cup Chaha; Supriya, My Mother; Fire|Ritual|Body; Life and Ebb. 

Some got very good response while others got mixed ones, but what triumphed is the hard work of students and their vibrant ideas. Urban Sketchers, a non-profit organisation who go to different outdoor locations and conduct sketching sessions and workshops, took the audience through their journey since their inception. This unique and creative initiative has spread joy and nurtured the skills of the participants. 

Anifest saved its best for the last where Ghost Animation from Kolkata premiered their four animated shorts, each one starkly different and more meaningful than the other. From science-fiction to climate change to a mother’s love to an organisation that supports and treats communities during warlike situations in need, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, race, gender and others – Ghost Animation touched upon it all. The films they premiered are – Mother, Watchmaker: At Time’s End, Beyond Borders and Wade.

Anifest day one opened with full fervour and promises a bigger and fruitful second day. Stay tuned for more updates.