Here’s what you need to know about the two-month 3D Matchmove Internship Program at Famous Studios

Fueling dreams since 1946, Famous Studios is an unwavering legacy of world class tech, talent and infrastructure, that continues to thrive and flourish in the Media and Entertainment industry. They empower content creators with the best – from solution-centric creative teams and services to co-working spaces.

The company is offering a two-month 3D Matchmove Internship Program specifically for candidates with a passion for physical film camera knowledge and those who know how to translate into the 3D virtual world.

Do you think you are the right fit? Check out the criteria below:

–> Freshers can apply – Freshers who have an animation portfolio, knowledge, passion and flair for digital cameras in the virtual world will be given preference.

–> Candidates with an animation background – Candidates who have a character animation portfolio or an experience of one-two years in character animation, only if they visualize themselves in a highly technical field, can apply.

This is NOT a sub discipline for Creative Animation: Since it is a purely technical profession, candidates who are creative animators and dream to see their characters coming to life on the silver screen would not be the ideal choice.

Program highlights: For eight weeks, there is going to be highly intensive rigorous training by high-end professionals who boast an intensive Hollywood experience. The program will be supervised by Rotomation supervisor and Rotomation Trainer.

Software details: There’ll be 3D Equalizer and Maya on the production floor for eight hours each, five-six days a week for eight weeks. On Saturdays, the candidates can voluntarily choose to come on the training floor. 

Qualities the internship program aims to impart: Communication, leadership, problem-solving skills, initiative, and troubleshooting. 

Here’s the most lucrative part: At the end of 60 days, 30 to 50 candidates will be absorbed. The absorbed candidates will get to work on the production floor with job offers based on their scores of:

Core Competencies:

-> Initiative – Relationship building – Integrity
-> Interactive Communication
-> Knowledge – Technical/Professional – Self Confidence
-> Analytical thinking – Critical Judgment
-> Planning and Organizing – Resource management
-> Decision-Making – Equipment Operation
-> Attention to Detail – Continuous learning – Information Records Management
-> Innovation – Risk-taking
-> Accountability – Results Management

Functional Competencies:

-> Teamwork – Partnering
-> Personality, Resilience – Stress Management – Creating a Positive Environment
-> Leading and Managing Change  
-> Fostering Learning to Others’ Quality – Developing Sub-Teams
-> Leadership Abilities – Project Management Competency
-> Organisational Awareness

If you think you fit the bill and wish to make a full-fledged career in this technical field, send in your applications to

Famous Studios includes a range of shooting floors with dedicated green screen stage, ready-to-shoot sets with makeup rooms, ideal for content production and live events. They also have a high-speed visual engineering lab with Phantom Flex 4K GS and precision controlled robotic arm, virtual production facilities integrated with Unreal Engine, and in-house production services with a global network of directors.

All the best to all the aspiring candidates and good luck for the internship program. The company is hoping to work with talented minds and is excited to have new faces on-board!

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