Indian entrepreneur Arjun Madhavan features in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list- 2019

With a 4,000+ strong alumni network that spans the globe over the last few years, the Forbes 30 under 30 list continues to spotlight the impressive, inspiring work being done across industries. The feature is special not only because it merits the hard work, efforts and achievements of one’s entrepreneurial journey, but more importantly because of the amazing alumni that this list houses and co-members of the feature that continue to do such incredible work in their respective fields.

Arjun Madhavan

Indian entrepreneur and Assemblage Entertainment’s Arjun Madhavan got featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list – Class of 2019. “Forbes has been known for chronicling the brashest entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries over the years in its annual publication. It is nothing short of an honour to be amongst leading young stars who are working hard to make a difference. It’s an incredibly humbling and inspiring feeling that the efforts we make everyday building our companies brick by brick, and in effect shaping the industries that we contribute to, is being recognised,” Madhavan told AnimationXpress.

Madhavan is humbled to lead an extraordinary team of talented individuals at Assemblage, and he dedicates the esteemed title to the 300 people at the studio. “It is a tribute and mark of recognition to my team members who are doing world-class work in the animation industry,” he added.

Assemblage has created a distinguished place for itself in a short span of time largely due to an incredible set of artists, technologists and professionals. The organisation has etched a name for itself globally today, as a leading premium CGI animation house, working on a global slate of content – theatrical feature films, television to OTT shows, and is beginning to create and develop its own intellectual properties / original projects.

Madhavan finds the recognition special because it identifies the effort they are making, every day, in transforming their studio to match and exceed international standards.

With the paradigm shift happening in terms of content in the animation industry in India, prominently in the consumption patterns, there is a noticeable change in the tastes and preferences. With increased exposure to global set of platforms due to deeper penetration and increased connectivity, and access to a wide spectrum of shows to choose from, audiences in India are actively consuming a broad array of genres and formats in reasonably large volumes, thinks Madhavan. “This is fascinating because this breaks the rigid framework of how content was boxed previously; in age groups, gender, demographics and other areas,” he said.

“It’s an exciting time for content creators and storytellers in the animation industry!” Madhavan concluded.

Assemblage is producing their fifth full length theatrical feature film in a five-year period. Their theatrical feature film, Arctic Justice including voice cast like Alec Baldwin, John Cleese, Jeremy Renner, James Franco, Heidi Klum and others has been slated for a 2019 release in over 3,500 screens in North America. Assemblage is working with a marquee set of global content creators producing CG shows for Netflix, Amazon and many others. Apart from the above ventures audience will get to revive the old memories with ‘Common Man’ in animated form, a property of Common Man Works, an joint venture between family and friends of Shri RK Laxman (Usha Laxman/Nandu Gupta) and Assemblage.