VFX Ittina teams up with Uli Meyer Animation for CG feature -

Ittina teams up with Uli Meyer Animation for CG feature

Indian Animation is truly on the ascendant these days!

Fresh, hot & crisp, the latest good news regarding Indian animation is that Bangalore based Ittina Animation Studios has announced its teaming up with UK based Uli Meyer Animation to create MonsterMania! a fully CG animated feature film comedy featuring all the classic movie monsters. Switzerland based Cinecarat is also part of the collaboration.

Scripted by award-winning British horror writers Michael Marshall Smith and Stephen Jones and based on an idea by Uli Meyer, Stephen Jones and Michael Marshall Smith, MonsterMania! has been in active development for the past three years and the $30 million CGI movie is currently in production.

Ittina Animation Studios has been in the project since February and will be working with Uli Meyer as a team and will be involved in all creative as well as production aspects.

Speaking to Animation Xpress.com, Ittina Animation Studios chief Manu Ittina shared,”It is really a great honor for me to work with Uli Meyer who is a Stalwart and is revered in the animation world. This is also a justification of the efforts put in by Ittina Animation Studios to create high quality CG Animation and our commitment to animation aesthetics”

“I am delighted to be working with Manu and his team on this very exciting project,” revealed Producer/Director Uli Meyer. “They are the talented partners I had been searching for to make this movie something extra-special”

MonsterMania! tells the story of a young scientist Max van Helsing, who is plunged into an exciting and dangerous adventure by his late grandfather’s will. He embarks on a life-changing quest that takes him to the heart of the Eastern European country of Wallachia. There Max encounters all the classic monsters, including Frankenstein’s creation, a werewolf, a lagoon creature and many other bizarre and creepy characters, as he sets out to save the girl of his dreams from the greatest evil the world has ever known . . . Vlad, Count Dracula!

An adventure for the entire family, combining the two classic film genres of horror and comedy, MonsterMania! is a story of love, friendship, courage and determination. But more than anything else, it is horrifically funny and hilariously scary.

This collaboration between Ittina Animation Studios, Uli Meyer Animation and Cinecarat, Switzerland, MonsterMania! is currently scheduled for completion in 2008.

Ittina Animation Studios was started by a group of talented young Indian artists who had worked extensively at studios such as DreamWorks, Walt Disney Productions and Weta. Known for maintaining high-quality CGI standards and their commitment to animated storytelling, the combination of Ittina Animation Studios and Uli Meyer Animation allows the more than 100-strong crew to create a visual experience on a realistic budget that equals or surpasses those of most major Hollywood studios.