VFX Yudiz Solutions to have its game studio, spend Rs 12 cr on expansion -

Yudiz Solutions to have its game studio, spend Rs 12 cr on expansion

An enterprise solutions technology company Yudiz Solutions is trying to strengthen its core services a week before its IPO by considering acquisitions across India, USA, Canada and Europe. The company’s focus is blockchain, artificial intelligence and gaming.

The company will be spending Rs 12.31 crore from the total proceedings aggregating for acquisitions and expansion.

Yudiz Solutions chairman and director Bharat Patel said, “We are now looking to have our own game studio. Yudiz Solutions is looking to acquire exceptional teams and companies that have complementary solutions and skill sets to ours. This will provide us with the necessary resources to drive innovation, expand our game portfolio, elevate the gaming experience and develop gamer communities.”

Patel added that the company is now looking for other organisations that are well known for their work in animation, VFX and 3D modelling, which also has a good hands-on experience in blockchain and AI product development.  

The aim of the acquisitions is to eliminate any intermediaries for them and as a result increase their margins, leading the company to gain direct access to their customers. Yudiz Solutions, which is already known to develop apps, will now be publicly listed and have its own publishing platform.

The new Yudiz game studio will focus on creating high-quality games for multiple platforms using the company’s cutting-edge technology solutions and in-house expertise in design and development. They will also develop games for other publishers and will also allow other developers to publish games on their new publishing platform.

Patel shared, “Yudiz has already established itself as a strong player in app development and already has a pipeline of several large clients across the USA and Canada. These acquisitions will help us further in the international market, and will strengthen our position as an overall solution and game studio.”