VFX Tsukumoa to begin selling limited edition NFTs as a tribute to retro games from 27 December -

Tsukumoa to begin selling limited edition NFTs as a tribute to retro games from 27 December

Tsukumoa, a creator network that supports digital entertainment creators (headquartered in Japan; Keisuke Okada, President), will begin selling limited edition NFTs from 27 December 2021, including pixel art animations and character images from the NFT project “PENSERASER” in collaboration with Ryo Yamashita, who created the pixel art animations for “Poptepic” (animation) and “Mogumogu Yummy” (holo-live Nekomata Okayu music video).

The NFT items will be sold on the NFT marketplace “Adam by GMO” operated by GMO Adam Corporation (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEOs: Masatoshi Kumagai and Hideyuki Takashima, hereinafter “GMO Adam”).

This NFT Pixel Art Animation Preview: 


This NFT item will go on sale at the NFT marketplace “Adam by GMO” on 27 December at 7:00 p.m. JST / 5:00 a.m. EST.

Makoto Yamashita

Video creator/dot painter/performer Young pixel art artist of the Nitendo64 generation. He creates pixel art with a worldview reminiscent of the golden age of video games. 

Representative works:
・Animation “Pop team epic” 8bit part
・Animation “Gal and Dinosaur” Opening animation
・”FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS DIGITAL ULTIMANIA” Gacha screen pop-up picture book version
 ・”Fantasy in your pocket [Sachiko and Miku version]” (Pokemon MV)
・”Mogumogu Yummy” (hololive Production Nekomata Okayu music video).

It has been a long time since digital art was introduced to the world, but nowadays it is often consumed instantaneously, and creators are working hard day and night to create something just to shine for a moment.
Of course, this is not to say that it is a bad thing, but sometimes I wonder if spending half an hour creating something just to get a quick buzz is good for me or for improving my skills.

In the culture of NFT, we are able to create illustrations that we have spent a lot of time on, as well as the backbone and settings that led up to them. This is the culture of NFT. While there are more and more light-weight works by Yamashita that can be viewed lightly, I thought it would be good to have such profound works.

I’m also thrilled to hear that pixel art is highly valued in this culture, and that people all over the world will be able to enjoy my style of “nostalgic games from the 80’s that can be enjoyed today. Now, let’s revive with “DOT-E” the excitement of that time when we could expand our imagination and creativity with little information.

This NFT Project Story

The year is 20XX… In a certain town, there lived a genius scientist and his wife, Dr. Sain and Dr. Kosai. Dr. Sain is good at inventing patrol robots that protect the peace of the city, and Dr. Kosai is good at helping out. Among them, Dr. Sain’s “Penci,” a guard android, and Dr. Kosai’s “Eras,” a learning android, were renowned as masterpieces, and Dr. Kosai loved them as if they were his sons. Suddenly, however, Dr. Sain’s robots go out of control. The robots, led by Pensi, kidnapped Dr. Kosai and escaped. The only ones left are Pensi, who has no fighting skills, and the helper robots. Dr. Sain’s last hope is to modify Irace. He stands up to get Dr. Kosai back.

This is a pixel art animation inspired by the following experience. The experience that game players all over the world experience at least once when playing an action game: “I make a terrible mistake in world one-one. From this experience, the idea of “what happens to the player after falling into the abyss of an action game” was born. What will happen to the player after falling into the abyss? And how far does this abyss extend? What will become of Irace and the world?

The purpose of creating this NFT art is to create the future world together with everyone in the world. You can create this world with us through pixel art, illustrations, cartoons, animation, writing, music, or anything else you like. I would love nothing more than to have fun creating this world with people who love retro games.