VFX Sify procures exclusive rights, introduces ‘Rakion‘ in India -

Sify procures exclusive rights, introduces ‘Rakion‘ in India

Leading Internet, networking and ecommerce company Sify is sure going full throttle on the gaming front! The company has recently procured the rights to the MMOG Rakion and has started distributing demos and previews of the game at various consumer connect points and gaming events.

Rakion is an on-line action strategy game with different types of game play which includes Single player, Team Based and Quest Based games.

While playing the game, player takes the role of ‘Gholem‘ (devils‘ replica) and can play the game in Multiplayer and single player mode. The objective of the game is to kill the Gholem of the opposing team while protecting one‘s own Gholem.

Another game play is ‘Quest Based‘ where some small simple tasks are given to players to accomplish which are divided into Single player quests and Multiplayer quests (Max 3 players together)

“This is not like an MMORPG, which involves Role Play to a very large extent. Here it‘s a quick combat type of a game where you can start a character and get into an arena to fight it out.” said Naveen. H, National Manager, Gaming, Sify ltd. “The learning and understanding time for the game is much shorter than the MMORPGs which normally take a little while to get into. This game will expand the online market. All the action (Non FPS) gamers would like this game”

In order to play the game, a player can download the game directly from the site without paying any charges.

Naveen added “With our experience in Publishing A3, we noticed that lot of gamers tried the game but a section of them did not continue. The reason being MMORPGs are very intense game where the fun is after one crosses certain level. The beauty of Rakion is that it caters to all those action gamers. Gamers can connect to global server and join India room” Maximum number of players in the game goes to 20 and for team play 10 players can be in per team. The game has been developed by South Korea based studio Softnyx.