VFX Here's how Tableau helped Passsion Gaming in data analytics within Indian online gaming space -

Here’s how Tableau helped Passsion Gaming in data analytics within Indian online gaming space

Passion Gaming chose Tableau as data analytics partner. The reason behind choosing Tableau was that it is effective in tracking real-time data and boosting data-backed decision making. Most importantly, the speed at which higher values from data are realised has accelerated. The impact of this ‘time to value’ allows a real-time response to changing player behaviour and business needs. Simply put, the vast amount of data is now comfortably organised and the dots are connected.

Decisions cannot be made or executed in a vacuum. At the end of the tunnel, also lies decision analysis, which is a critical component as it is the starting point for the next decision cycle. Use of tools such as Tableau allow for decision analysis and faults to be corrected. 

In the three years of working with Tableau, Passion Gaming has managed to save multiple hours that were earlier spent in preparation of manual reports. It has also become easy to track live customer KYC status and live deposit as well as payment gateway performance. Therefore, making operations effective and time-efficient. The time is now utilised for more advanced analytics, including the use of deep learning and machine learning to enable real-time detection of fraud and to predict player behaviour.

The sorted data management allows the data science team at Passion Gaming to focus more on collaborating with verticals like marketing and retention. This helps in optimising appropriate strategies and attracting an ideal player base while increasing the efficacy of marketing campaigns.

“Since starting out seven years ago, everything we’ve done has been based on business intelligence derived from cold hard data. That’s how you gain competitive advantage,” said Passion gaming head of data science Trivikram Pathak.