VFX Jump developing games on Rajshri classics -

Jump developing games on Rajshri classics

Mobile games on Hindi movies have become quite the fad of late and it must be pointed out here that it‘s not only recent movies that are in the league but also classics.

Mumbai based mobile game and applications development studio, Jump Games has recently tied up with Rajshri Productions to develop games on five of its most popular movies.

The studio is also developing mobile applications around Baba Ramdev‘s Yoga and Deepak Chopra‘s Kamasutra.

Maine Pyar Kiya, Bombay to Goa, Jewel Thief, Amar Akbar Anthony and Padosan are the movies on which games are slated to release from February onwards with Maine Pyar Kiya being the first to be out in the market sometime this month, followed by the others.

Talking to Animation Xpress.com about the games, Jump Games‘ CEO Salil Bhargava shared, “Rajshri, as we all know is a big name in the entertainment business and they have a huge catalogue of classic blockbuster movies. Some of the movies naturally lend themselves to gaming and since there is a market for movie-related games, we thought it would be a good idea to license some of the blockbuster titles and try and make games around them. Movies like Amar Akbar Anthony, Padosan, Bombay to Goa and Jewel Thief have great storylines that allow us to create games. Hence we chose to pick these games and start off.”

A team of about 8-10 people including a game producer, game designer, concept artists, graphic Artists, programmers and testers are working on each game.

The mobile game Bombay to Goa is set against the background of a bus trip from Bombay to Goa. The bus is full of funny characters as passengers but the bus conductor Khanna (Mehmood) still wants to take them to make a good profit. The players play as Conductor Khanna (Mehmood) and Driver Rajesh. On the way, they need to pick up passengers Ravi (Amitabh), Mala (Aruna) and others from their stops and reach Goa within the given time, making a profit. They also need to follow traffic rules like maximum speed, speed breakers and box parking.

In Maine Pyar Kiya, Suman (Bhagyashree) has to send a love letter to Prem (Salman). There is only one way to send this letter to Prem directly, that is, through the pigeon. The pigeon flies over the city, highway and jungle braving hurdles like bigger birds (eagle), trees, buildings, electric towers and lightning to achieve this task.

Amar Akbar and Anthony takes off from various scenes in the movie where players assume the role of the drunken Anthony who is trying to put medicine on his own image on the mirror. As Anthony, the player must use tincture with cotton first, then some bandages on the moving face of Anthony. Here, the cursor will be moving randomly and the player has to manage putting on the cotton at the right spot by pressing the key on the number pad. The player will get a fixed number of lives to put the medicine.

The Padosan Mobile game will be a memory-based game where the player has to perform as Bhola and follow the same steps as Master Ji. There will be some pre-defined keys and some combinations through which players can dance like Master Ji to impress Bindu!

Each game will have numerous levels that will be designed to ensure that the game‘s fun factor as well as the challenge level is kept to the optimum.

“The uniqueness of all these games lies in the fact that all of them are based on evergreen classics, and hence will stand out in the crowd of Bollywood games based on recent movies. This is something out of the ordinary that Jump Games is attempting, which is helping audiences relive the magic of nostalgia through the medium of games”, commented Salil.

Jump Games would market these games and in some cases along with its partners.

Based on the renowned Yoga guru and spiritual leader Baba Ramdev, Baba Ramdev Yoga is an easy-to-use application with all the information on Baba Ramdev Yoga at the tip of your fingers. The application would have an extensive set of ‘pranayama‘ breathing exercises, meditation techniques and ‘asanas‘ (physical exercises) that are designed as an introduction to the world of good health.

The Mobile application Deepak Chopra‘s Kama Sutra effectively recreates Deepak Chopra‘s renowned approach, interactively helping users to explore The Seven Spiritual Laws of Love. Complementing the book‘s unique approach, the Mobile application tastefully reproduces extracts from the book for a better understanding of the philosophy. In addition to a host of features, the application also offers a convenient book-marking option for quick references.
The application has Indianised illustrations, along with its condensed wisdom, will make it an essential spiritual guide that fuses spirituality with sensuality. Its also Deepak Chopra‘s take on the ancient manuscript and describes the spiritual aspect behind the Kama Sutra.

The Deepak Chopra application is ready and is being deployed on international mobile networks at this stage. Yoga is under production and should be out on networks by end of March 2007.
Salil concluded by saying, “Jump‘s association with Rajshri Productions is a step further in our pursuit to bring back quality Bollywood content in the market. Rajshri is one of the oldest production houses in India and undeniably has the best film content that can be utilized to create some really great gaming content. We are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with them.”